DAY DREAM [DPH] 10★ Get a hat and memorize when and how to counter to the soflan. The second half of the song is a constant tempo.
(Speed Changes)
10.1 11.2 -- --
Bounce Bounce Bounce [DPA] 11★ Very easy scratch 11. Some trills and interesting rhythms.
(Scratching, Jacks, Trills)
11.2 11.2 -- --
夕焼け ~Fading Day~ [DPA] 11★ A lot of outer key patterns and scales, but a tremendously fun chart. Beginning and middle are harder than the end but not by much.
11.3 -- -- --
THE SAFARI [DPH] 10★ Tied with Innocent Walls for hardest remaining 10. The adjacent rolls are very awkward. Both sides are riddled with outer key + scratch in patterns so dense it is essentially murizara. 1P side is harder so flip if needed. mirror the 2P side and ignore TT.
(Jacks, Rolls)
Flip, Mirror Left 11.2 -- -- --
Red Nikita [DPA] 10★ One of the hardest 10s (top 10 for me) and it doesn't even have soflan or murizara. Lots of jacks and awkward chords, scales on 2P, difficult bursts, erratic rhythms. Random Left 11.6 -- -- --
WANNA TELL THAT WORD [DPA] 10★ Absurdly difficult ending for a 10.
(Jacks, Chords)
11.7 -- -- --
Dazzlin' Darlin [DPA] 11★ It's an 8-9 until the end.
(Chords, Difficult End)
10.6 10.6 11.4 --
Cookie Bouquets [DPA] 11★ It's fast and tiring but the patterns are mostly natural.
11.5 -- -- --
SHION [DPA] 11★ A solid easy chord 10 until the ending when it turns into a piano scalefest and becomes about one full difficulty point harder.
(Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Random Left, Random Right 11.6 -- -- --
IMPLANTATION [DPA] 11★ Scales in the middle are the hardest part. Synchronized ending is easy.
Mirror Right 11.4 -- -- --
illuminate [DPA] 11★ Very scaly. Some minor scratching and rolls. I think it is easier with random to break up the scales.
(Scales, Rolls)
Random Left, Random Right 11.2 11.4 -- --
全力 SPECIAL VACATION!! 〜限りある休日〜 [DPA] 11★ The middle is extremely awkward. The end is fast scales. A few fun east turntable bits.
11.7 -- -- --
PENDUAL TALISMAN [DPA] 11★ This song is quite easy. Soflan is subtle. Difficulty picks up a little in the end.
(Speed Changes)
10.7 10.7 -- --
時空トラベローグ [DPA] 11★ The last measure is very hard. A few very fast trills are difficulty as well. Other than that it's a very fun swung song.
(Scales, Trills, Difficult End)
11.5 11.5 -- --
HELL SCAPER -Last Escape Remix- [DPA] 11★ Lots of rolls and jack chords. Pretty fun chart. The ending is full of rolls moving around both hands but can very easily be mashed.
(Rolls, Chords)
11.2 11.4 -- --
Hello Happiness [DPA] 11★ Well balanced chart. Scratching is all in the beginning.
11.2 11.4 -- --
GUILTY [DPA] 11★ Nothing particularly interesting about this chart. It's a little repetitive at times which can be difficult if the patterns are hard for you or easy if they aren't. 11.3 11.3 -- --
Symmetry [DPA] 11★ Exceptionally dense and requires extreme dexterity and reading skills compared to other 11s. If you aren't well into 12s prepare to coast at 2% for the entire song. If you are 10dan+ however this will be very easy - consistent difficulty and nothing dumb.
12.0 -- -- --
R5 [DPA] 11★ This chart is very easy until the difficult chords at the end.
(Jacks, Chords, Difficult End)
11.3 11.4 -- --
紅牡丹 [DPA] 11★ Typical RedAlice style chart. Very easy for an 11. 11.2 11.3 -- --
恋は白帯、サンシロー† [DPA] 11★ Chords with some scale fills. Scales are basically one hand a time and very short. Very fun chart.
11.4 11.4 -- --
とろぴかる倶楽部 [DPA] 11★ Requires very quick movement between the TT and the keys, or thumb work to hit keys in the middle of scratch patters. Charted like an old song, but very fun.
11.7 -- -- --
超!!遠距離らぶ♡メ~ル [DPA] 11★ Extremely awkward randa patterns on both hands. I find it more manageable with random. I have only cleared this song with random on each hand. Random Left, Random Right 11.7 -- -- --
フェイクアウト [DPA] 11★ Fast and tiring. Pretty much all chords.
(Scales, Rolls)
11.2 11.3 -- --
CHRONO DIVER -NORNIR- [DPA] 11★ Tiring. Pretty standard LED chord and roll chart.
(Rolls, Chords)
11.6 -- -- --
ドッキン☆サマーあばんちゅーる [DPA] 11★ Varied and fun. The LED part is significantly more difficult than the rest of the chart however.
(Scratching, Scales, Chords, Difficult Middle)
11.2 -- -- --
ベィスドロップ・フリークス [DPA] 11★ Difficulty is consistent. Easy to get excess poors on trills and rolls. Quite fun.
(Scratching, Scales, Trills, Rolls)
11.2 11.3 -- --
パ→ピ→プ→Yeah! [DPA] 11★ The first half of this song is a 9, the second half is a 12. Halfway through it abruptly turns into a gauntlet of various difficult patters (scales, density, Narcissus trills, bad-attackable chords).
(Charge Notes, Scales, Chords)
11.9 -- -- --
Routing [DPA] 11★ Well balanced chart. Hardest part is the scratch bursts throughout the middle. Easy ending.
(Scratching, Scales, Trills, Rolls, Chords, Difficult Middle)
11.2 11.3 -- --
Miracle 5ympho X [DPA] 11★ Extremely tiring. Hardest part is the scales right in the end.
(Charge Notes, Scales, Difficult End)
11.7 -- -- --
もっと!モット!ときめき feat. 松下 [DPA] 11★ Charted like a hyper. Quite bland. Fairly awkward, Spread out patterns and brief trill-like 121/212-type patterns make it easy to get excess poors.
(Scales, Trills, Difficult Middle)
11.2 11.4 -- --
Erosion Mark [DPA] 11★ Awkward rolls on the outer keys and awkward chords.
(Rolls, Chords)
11.0 11.2 -- --
Discloze [DPA] 11★ Soflan is manageable (I use a hat or just tilt my head down). The slow part is actually the easiest. Ending is hard with scales and rolls on outer keys.
(Scratching, Speed Changes, Scales, Rolls, Difficult End)
11.6 -- -- --
Cosmic Cat [DPA] 11★ Natural scales. Difficulty is fairly consistent throughout.
10.5 10.7 -- --
Chrono Diver -PENDULUMs- [DPH] 11★ I am calling this an 11.5 and not higher mainly because two of the three hardest parts are mashable. The rolls in the middle can be anmitsued, and the scales in the end can be done through sliding. The other hard part is the jacks in the middle.
(Jacks, Scales, Trills, Rolls, Difficult Middle)
11.5 -- -- --
BLUE MIRAGE [DPA] 11★ Considerably more difficult in the end.
(Scratching, Jacks, Difficult End)
11.6 -- -- --
Chronos [DPA] 11★ Mirror your dominant hand to turn the synchronized patters into symmetric patterns. Scales are difficult in the middle and the ending is dense.
(Charge Notes, Scales, Difficult End)
Mirror Right 11.5 -- -- --
Chain of pain [DPA] 11★ Good chart but the ending is over a full difficulty level harder than the rest of the song. No notable characteristics, just dense,
(Difficult End)
11.6 -- -- --
Beyond The Earth [DPA] 11★ Chart is strikingly awkward for a new chart. One handed randa patterns are considerably more difficult than the rest of the chart. Mirror Left 11.5 -- -- --
Blaze it UP! [DPA] 11★ For its difficulty it is very easy to mash poor and miss notes throughout the whole chart. Lots of 1357-type scales. 11.4 -- -- --
Amnolys [DPA] 11★ Varied chart. Minor soflan in the beginning. Hardest parts are all in the beginning.
(Scratching, Speed Changes, Scales, Difficult Beginning)
11.1 11.2 -- --
AFRO KNUCKLE [DPA] 11★ Some big chord jacks may hurt your bar if you are unprepared. Overall a very natural chart.
(Jacks, Chords, Difficult Middle)
10.8 11.1 -- --