Believe in you [SPA] 10★ This song is easy to read, but the note density stays consistent throughout with heavy chords and the patterns are inconsistent from measure to measure, which IMO bumps this up to mid-range 10☆ in terms of clearing. Easy to score well, though.
(Charge Notes, Trills, Chords)
Regular 10.4 -- -- 10.1
Uh-Oh [SPA] 10★ Dense chords with mixed-in scales and a heavy middle scratching section. Your hands will be busy until the end. This was re-rated to 11☆ in Sinobuz, which actually makes it a great gateway song.
(Scratching, Scales, Trills, Chords)
10.8 -- -- --
Godspeed [SPH] 10★ Has plenty of scales, staircases, and streams that might trip you up, but overall this is a straightforward 10☆, and the HCNs offer lots of chances to get some bar back.
(Charge Notes, Scales, Chords)
Regular 10.1 -- -- --
Triple Counter [SPH] 10★ Fast and dense. That's about it. Enjoy the song!
(Charge Notes, Chords)
Regular 10.3 -- -- --
ギョギョっと人魚♨爆婚ブライダル [SPA] 10★ Heavy on chords throughout, throws in some very fast scales to kill your bar, and scratches are in some pretty tricky spots. The last several measures can help replenish your bar, but it won't help if you're going in at 2%. Don't underestimate this song!
(Scratching, Jacks, Scales, Chords)
Regular 10.6 -- -- --
オルタネイトβ [SPA] 10★ Like the other reviews state, this one is pretty straightforward until the end, when the song suddenly decides to test your hand independence.
(Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular 10.5 -- -- --
M4K3 1T B0UNC3 [SPH] 10★ The last third of the song is the make-or-break section, starting off with a lot of chords, followed by bass hits on 1 combined with lots of scales.
(Charge Notes, Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
10.4 -- -- --
Seize the Day [SPA] 10★ Adjacent-note chords, chord jacks, chord jacks with charge notes... yeah, this song's got a lot of chords! Only rated lower because the ending gives you a pretty good gauge boost. Watch out for the 6-7 roll near the middle.
(Jacks, Charge Notes, Chord Scales, Chords)
10.3 -- -- --
AO-1 [SPH] 10★ Lots of chords, some charge notes, and some scratching. The scratches in the middle are off-beat but consistent. The ending ramps it up a bit with 3-note chords and short chord scales. A little bit of everything.
(Scratching, Charge Notes, Scales, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular 10.3 -- -- --
Sweet Clapper [SPA] 10★ In my opinion this is the easiest SPA 10☆ in the game right now. A good milestone song.
10.0 10.2 10.3 10.0
Plan 8 [SPH] 10★ The scratches are consistent and are slower than other scratch-heavy 10's like the DJ Mass songs. The rest is just a matter of keeping up with the speed and getting through the few rolls and scales thrown at you. IMO a good gateway to upper 10's.
10.5 -- -- --
BLACK.by X-Cross Fade [SPH] 10★ Heavy scratching is the hardest part of this song. This chart is really fun and the song is dope.
(Scratching, Chords)
10.4 -- -- --
Love Magic [SPA] 10★ Your 1 key will get a workout on this song. Rolls at the end will kill your bar if you're not ready.
(Rolls, Chords)
10.3 -- -- --
ZZ [SPH] 10★ The toughest parts are the two-note chord rolls, with one right at the end to kill your bar if you don't see it coming. The rest of the song is a long stream with varying patterns throughout. Not too bad overall once you get the hang of the rhythm.
(Scales, Chords)
10.1 10.3 -- --
クルクル☆ラブ~Opioid Peptide MIX~ [SPA] 10★ Absolutely ridiculous bar-killing beginning. The rest of the song is straightforward for a 10☆.
(Difficult Beginning)
10.1 -- -- --
HAPPY☆ANGEL [SPA] 10★ A very solid intro 10☆. Lots of chords throughout. Watch for the quick triple-scratches, which pop up a few times. There are a few lighter parts where you can catch your breath in-between quick half-measure note bursts. The ending is very fair, too.
(Scratching, Chords, Difficult Middle)
10.0 -- -- --
Night sky [SPH] 9★ This chart mostly plays like an 8 except for lots of jacks and the occasional dense measure. A good song for easing your way into 9s. There are charge notes, but they're not really tricky.
(Jacks, Charge Notes)
9.0 -- -- --
Rave*it!! Rave*it!! [SPH] 9★ Chords, chords, chords, and a little scratching. One of the easiest 9's. You shouldn't be failing this unless you're bad at chords or you're starting at the booby witch lady. Eyes up here, mister!
(Scratching, Chords)
9.0 -- -- --
Cosmic Cat [SPH] 9★ Dirty Androids with another fantastic tune and a great chart to boot. This song throws a lot of scratching and chords at you, as well as a few scales. The note density varies wildly through the song. Not the hardest 9, but not that easy, either.
(Scratching, Scales, Chords)
Random 9.4 -- -- --
FIRE FIRE [SPH] 10★ Plenty of scratching and scales will keep your hands busy, but the overall note density is pretty low and the chart repeats itself a lot.
(Scratching, Scales)
10.2 -- -- --
Sounds Of Summer [SPH] 10★ Heavy chords interspersed with 16th note runs throughout the song. Overall a good easier 10. Try to not get too distracted by the overlays...
10.1 -- -- --
突撃!ガラスのニーソ姫 [SPA] 10★ The dense chords near the beginning and the funky scratching in the middle are probably the hardest parts. If you can survive those you should be fine on the rest of the song. This is a pretty fun chart!
(Scratching, Charge Notes, Chords)
10.3 -- -- --
Close the World feat. a☆ru [SPH] 10★ A very fair, solid 10. Throws a little bit of everything at you but isn't too dense overall. Watch out for the big chords at the very end. Also a fantastic song. 10.2 -- -- --
Time to Air [SPH] 10★ It's a Seiryu song, so hope you like chords! The last few measures can trip you up if you're not good with chords, but everything else is pretty tame for a 10.
10.2 -- -- --
パ→ピ→プ→Yeah! [SPH] 9★ Very easy 9☆. Plays like an 8 until somewhere in the middle, which might throw you off if you're not used to the rhythm yet.
(Charge Notes, Difficult Middle)
9.0 -- -- --
打打打打打打打打打打 [SPH] 8★ Straightforward chart until you hit the middle and the 12th note jacks come out. If you can survive that part, the rest of the song should not be a problem.
8.2 8.4 -- --
表裏一体!?怪盗いいんちょの悩み? [SPH] 10★ A somewhat messy chart. Mixes up a lot of 2-note chords, scales, and light scratching sections. Despite that, the overall note density is fairly light, making this one of the easier 10s to clear. Also arguably the best Prim song. 10.1 -- -- --
Sweet Radar [SPA] 10★ An easy 10☆. Good song and lots of fun to play.
(Trills, Chords)
10.0 -- -- --
DIAMOND CROSSING [SPH] 10★ Pretty good starter 10☆. Lots of Hell Charge notes - appropriate for Copula's theme song. Unless you have trouble playing regular and charge notes together, this should be an easy clear.
(Charge Notes)
10.1 -- -- --