LOVELY STORM [SPA] 10★ mirror makes p2 easier but this is still a clusterfuck of a chart Mirror 11.3 11.6 -- --
Breakin' Chain [SPA] 10★ surprisingly difficult. very dense, with lots of fast drills
(Jacks, Scales, Trills, Rolls, Chords)
10.5 10.7 -- 10.8
M4K3 1T B0UNC3 [SPH] 10★ ending is really the hardest part but it's exceptionally hard. go for hc
(Scales, Chord Scales, Trills, Rolls, Difficult End)
10.6 10.4 -- --
Sweet Clapper [SPA] 10★ dope song but it's barely a 10. excellent starter 10 to get used to big chord patterns
10.0 10.2 10.3 --
#MAGiCVLGiRL_TRVP_B3VTZ [SPH] 9★ once you grasp the techniques required for this chart (like rolls and steady chord rhythms) it becomes pretty simple. but since chord streams are hard to understand for a newer player and mostly appear in 10s, i'm giving this a slightly higher rating.
(Chord Scales, Rolls, Chords)
Regular 9.5 9.6 9.7 --
5.1.1. [SPA] 10★ random helped me clear this. ymmv
(Scratching, Scales, Rolls)
10.6 -- -- --
POODLE [SPA] 10★ this song is hella good. ending and beginning of chart have tricky eurobeat sections but the rest is easy
(Trills, Chords)
10.7 -- -- --
250bpm [SPA] 10★ this does not qualify as a song OR a chart 10.9 -- -- --
STILL IN MY HEART [SPA] 9★ it's kinda bullshit for a 9 but still drastically easier than 10s. a lot of the trickiness can be overcome if you non-ran it and learn what to expect. i wouldn't expect to exhc this on a sightread unless you're into like 11s or 12s
(Jacks, Rolls, Chords)
9.7 9.7 10.3 --
Survival Games [SPA] 10★ not that bad because of the slow speed. patterns aren't too complex either, on non-ran.
(Scales, Trills, Chords)
10.2 10.4 -- 10.8
Donkey Donk [SPA] 10★ relatively easy to clear because hcns give you so much life back. pretty similar to the hyper. hard to score on
(Charge Notes, Chords)
10.2 -- -- 10.8
CHECKING YOU OUT [SPH] 9★ don't get owned by the speedup. one way to get around it (that even works on some of the SD games!) is to adjust your hispeed with start and black keys during the big breaks in the chorus.
(Scratching, Scales, Difficult Middle)
9.2 9.4 10.0 --
Under Construction [SPH] 7★ such a pleasure to play. wonderful chart, wonderful song.
(Scratching, Jacks, Chords)
7.5 7.7 8.0 7.5
Burning Heat! (Full Option Mix) [SPA] 7★ konami? hello? are you okay? bullshit rating.
(Jacks, Scales, Chords)
8.8 9.0 -- --
3y3s [SPN] 7★ complete fucking joke of a 7 what were they thinking? exhc would be 9.4 but the site's design puts too much faith in konami and only allows +2
(Rolls, Chords)
9.0 9.0 9.0 --
Uh-Oh [SPH] 8★ probably should have just been a 9. good song w/ fun chart though
(Scratching, Scales, Trills, Rolls, Chords)
8.8 9.0 9.4 9.4
On the FM [SPH] 8★ it's fast! it's fun!
(Scratching, Scales, Trills, Rolls, Chords)
8.7 8.9 9.1 --
(Scales, Trills, Rolls, Chords)
8.5 -- -- --
m1dy Festival [SPH] 8★ Not difficult to clear, tricky to time though.
(Scales, Trills)
8.2 -- -- 9.0
Darling my LUV [SPA] 8★ Super fun scratch song. More R&B in IIDX please
(Scratching, Chords)
8.4 8.6 -- 8.5
mnemoniq [SPA] 8★ a beatmania 3 classic. wonderful song, easy chart. was one of my first 8s.
(Scales, Chords)
8.0 8.3 -- --
Blaze it UP! [SPH] 8★ a little tricky but most of it comes from the bpm of the song. fun to play and good song
(Scales, Trills, Chords)
8.5 8.6 8.8 --
Spin the disc [SPA] 8★ god this is a fun chart. features a lot of quick chord->note->chord->note stuff that becomes more common at higher difficulties, so it's decent practice too.
(Scratching, Scales, Chords)
8.6 8.7 -- --
starmine [SPH] 8★ quite difficult for a 8. most of the difficulty comes from the chord stairs in the ending
(Scratching, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
9.1 9.0 -- --
INSOMNIA [SPH] 8★ how did this get tagged an 8 lol come on konami. song is a banger though
(Scratching, Scales, Rolls, Chords)
9.5 9.7 10.0 --
PARANOiA MAX (DIRTY MIX) [SPA] 8★ not that bad really. awesome song and fun to play. another ver. might throw you off if you're used to the hyper/normal or ddr version of the song
(Jacks, Chords)
8.4 8.7 8.8 --
GENOM SCREAMS [SPA] 9★ complete meme ending. easier to hard clear by a long shot. what were they thinking?
(Scales, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
10.5 9.6 -- --
quell -the seventh slave- [SPH] 9★ absurdly difficult for a 9.
(Scales, Trills, Rolls, Chords)
9.9 -- -- --
Watch Out Pt.2 [SPH] 9★ Like Naughty Girl, it's surprisingly harder than the Mad Izm scratch 10s. Complex patterns. Super fun though, feels really good to play.
10.2 10.5 -- 10.4
B4U(BEMANI FOR YOU MIX) [SPH] 9★ stupid hard for a 9. fast, dense, complex patterns. what more could you want? awesome song though
(Scratching, Jacks, Scales, Rolls, Chords)
9.9 10.1 -- 10.1
Miami Sunset Drive [SPA] 9★ Lots of charge notes, but that's really the most difficult feature. If you can handle charge notes you'll be fine.
(Charge Notes)
9.5 -- -- --
MAD ATTACK [SPA] 9★ absolute banger of a song. chart is a little wacky, but once you've played it and know to expect the jacks and slap rolls, you'll be fine.
(Scratching, Jacks, Rolls, Chords)
9.4 -- -- --
naughty girl@Queen's Palace [SPH] 9★ A little more difficult than some of the Mad Izm scratch 10s, surprisingly. Some complex patterns.
(Scratching, Chords)
10.2 10.3 -- --
AIR RAID FROM THA UNDAGROUND [SPH] 9★ Very dense and complex for a 9. Ending section has some especially difficult "anchor" patterns with constant 1 + a bunch of other notes.
(Scales, Trills, Rolls, Chords)
9.9 10.2 -- 10.2
AGEHA [SPH] 8★ jesus this is difficult for an 8. what were they thinking? Slightly easier to HC because you can just ignore some of the notes in the ending.
(Chord Scales, Chords)
9.7 9.6 10.0 9.9
starmine [SPA] 9★ it's literally the hyper chart with a couple sections being more dense.
(Scales, Chord Scales, Chords)
9.5 -- -- --
The Sampling Paradise [SPH] 9★ a little bit tricky in a few parts but can probably be done by someone breaking into 9s. the notes fit with intricacies of the music, so listening to the song closely will be helpful.
(Scales, Trills, Rolls)
9.2 9.4 9.8 9.7
LOVE ♥ SHINE [SPH] 9★ chords chords chords. super fun though
9.4 9.5 -- --
satfinal [SPA] 9★ kinda tricky for a 9, most of it comes from the speed. musically one of the hottest tracks in all of iidx
(Trills, Chords)
9.6 -- -- 9.7
BAD ROUTINE [SPA] 9★ song is a banger. chart is full of chords but not that bad if you can handle those.
(Denim, Chords)
9.2 -- -- --
パ→ピ→プ→Yeah! [SPH] 9★ Mostly quite easy. The chorus has some patterns that appear complex but if you get them down with muscle memory it's a breeze, even to EXHC.
(Charge Notes, Difficult Middle)
9.0 9.2 9.3 9.0
Fascination MAXX [SPN] 9★ if you're used to reading ddr speed changes you will have no issue clearing this. one of the easiest 9s. hard to time because of all the slowdown, though 8.4 8.6 9.6 9.6
Rave*it!! Rave*it!! [SPH] 9★ the only mildly complex parts of this are balanced out by the long sections of literally just slapping 1+3 with your left hand.
(Scratching, Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
8.9 9.2 9.4 9.0
chrono diver -fragment- [SPA] 9★ fun, difficult if you're not good at 3-4 button chords. great song
9.5 -- -- 9.4
MIRACLE MEETS [SPH] 9★ it's uh... it's really really easy for a 9.
(Charge Notes, Trills)
7.8 -- -- --
Invitation from Mr.C [SPH] 9★ mostly easy, very fun. the hardcore/j-core sections are difficult purely because the song is so fast.
(Scratching, Rolls, Chords)
9.4 -- 9.8 9.8
Donkey Donk [SPH] 9★ not very hard to clear because HCNs give you a ton of life back. tricky to score and will test your hand placement with all kinds of strange patterns.
(Charge Notes, Scales, Rolls)
9.4 9.8 -- 9.8
STARLIGHT DANCEHALL [SPH] 9★ really hard for a 9. dense, a wide variety of patterns, and fast. didn't get this until i was well into 10s
(Chord Scales, Chords)
9.8 -- -- --
Verflucht [SPH] 10★ almost entirely single-note streams, like a pad stepmania chart or something. very fun, pretty difficult. builds on techniques learned in charts like abyss sph
(Scales, Trills, Rolls)
10.5 -- -- --
Bad Maniacs [SPH] 10★ section just before the ending is pretty shitty. end roll is very easy to prepare for if you are playing non-ran, should just be a free life boost.
(Scales, Chord Scales, Chords)
10.7 10.7 -- 11.1
Dynamite [SPH] 10★ hard as balls. scratching talent is barely even relevant here because it combines simple scratch patterns with complex buttons. recommended for people with stretchy hands
(Scratching, Chords)
10.8 -- -- --
Light My Fire [SPA] 10★ has a very simple scratch section at the end (like level 7 kind of stuff) the hardest part is not losing life on the breakbeat section just before the ending. this chart has some scales that are tricky to position your hands for
(Scratching, Scales, Chords, Difficult Middle)
10.3 -- -- --
灼熱Beach Side Bunny [SPH] 10★ was my first 10 nc. there are a couple of tricky parts that need practice but the majority of the chart is very simple. the scratch patterns fit the music very accurately, so just listen and feel the rhythm if you can't visually read it.
(Scratching, Chords)
10.2 10.8 -- 10.8
BLACK.by X-Cross Fade [SPH] 10★ pretty fun, not that bad to clear if you're somewhat proficient at scratching.
(Scratching, Chords)
10.4 -- -- 10.7
Red. by Full Metal Jacket [SPH] 10★ hella fun, one of my first 10 clears. relatively simple button patterns, just focus on the scratches.
(Scratching, Chords)
10.3 10.5 -- --
Do it!! Do it!! [SPH] 10★ ending is kind of a mess but it's a lot like Ska A Go Go in 5key in that it's easy to anmitsu and get a clear.
(Scratching, Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
9.8 -- -- 10.7
Twelfth Style [SPA] 10★ Great starter 10. Solid introduction to symmetrical chord patterns, with a simple beginning + ending for some free gauge recovery.
(Rolls, Chords, Difficult Middle)
9.9 10.3 -- 10.5
Elisha [SPH] 10★ it's very very easy for something labeled a 10. with the exception of the ending note bursts it's mostly simple to time as well. i would recommend this chart for someone moving from 8s to 9s
(Charge Notes, Difficult End)
8.7 9.1 9.5 8.6


VEGA [ESP] 14★ it's not a particularly complex chart but the 2 minute length and high speed + amount of 16th notes make this way harder than other 14s. 2.5x 15.0 15.0
RËVOLUTIФN [CSP] 17★ so much footspeed, like holy shit most of this is not that bad, but the 16ths at 202 bpm slay me.
(Drills, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
2.25x 17.6 --