Spanish Snowy Dance [CSP] 17★ this chart gets my butthole kinda moist cuz im spanish and these spicy rhythms go dumb hard for no reason. hella crossovers n shit and some 24th bursts slapped into 12th note runs. some jumps here and there
(Crossovers, Jumps, Turns, Difficult Beginning)
1.75x 17.4 17.5
Triple Counter [ESP] 17★ this song is fire. really fast paced but straightforward and light with the turns. mini ending run is strangely jarring but keep tight form and youll be fine. this shit needs a challenge chart js
(Jumps, Freeze Notes, Drills, Difficult End)
0.25x 17.2 17.3
Blew My Mind [CSP] 18★ Sotas back at it again with some rhythms you probably wont understand until about your 100th playthrough. One of my personal favorite chart/songs in the game. Lots of turns n shit and slowdowns look like a spilled bag of m&ms so jus try to keep it crispy
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Speed Changes, Turns, Difficult Middle)
1.5x 18.4 18.5
New Decade [CSP] 18★ Idk if i can tell you what the fuck is going on in the end, but when you finally understand it, shits pop. Fast paced song with some jump heavy sections and slowdowns.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Speed Changes, Turns, Difficult End)
1.5x 18.4 18.5
Go For The Top [CSP] 18★ I recommend you dont play this song if you got weak ass knees. Beginning is a little awkward to get comfortable with at first and middle is kinda easy. Ending turns can be brutal and finishing step jumps might fuck your whole shit up.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops, Turns, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
1.5x 18.2 18.3
DEAD END("GROOVE RADAR" Special) [CSP] 18★ This chart is straight up ass. Dont even bother
(Crossovers, Jumps, Speed Changes, Turns, Candles, Difficult Middle)
1.5x 18.7 18.9
Anti-Matter [CSP] 18★ This shit is flying so you might wanna chill the fuck out for the first half. Slowdowns can be annoying to read with more complex rhythms to follow. Everything else is straightforward like ITG (yawn)
(Speed Changes, Difficult End)
1.5x 18.1 18.1
Fascination MAXX [CSP] 18★ My guy, if you still fuckin this up 11 years later, find a new hobby. 12th note section stops with a double tap on the left note. Kinda dumb. Endings got a couple step jumps so not too much different from expert chart. Pop off
(Gallops, Speed Changes, Stops, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
1.5x 18.1 18.2
POSSESSION [CSP] 18★ Shits easy except for that bullshit run in the middle. Endings cake if you gettin it poppin with them 12ths into jumps feel me?
(Jumps, Speed Changes, Difficult Middle)
1.5x 18.2 18.4