being torn the sky [SPH] 7★ My first 7 clear. Chords may be off-putting if reading at a lower speed.
6.9 -- -- --
Blind Justice ~Torn souls [SPN] 6★ Don't let the bursts in M65-71 get you down. The rest of the song is easy enough to let you recover. First verse will test your ability to read three-chords.
(Difficult Middle)
Regular 6.3 -- -- --
INORI [SPN] 6★ Fun fact: this awful, awful chart was a 3 when it debuted in IIDX RED CS. Basically one really long slow roll. Use S-Ran to avoid cramps.
S-Random 6.0 -- -- --
D.A.N.C.E.! [SPH] 5★ Lots of chords, scratches, mini-jack-like bass kicks, and some sudden bursts that may catch you off guard. Fun chart, lots of variety.
(Scratching, Jacks, Chords)
5.3 -- -- --
Make Me Your Own [SPN] 5★ A lot of variety for a 5. Some scratching sections and easy rolls. Watch your timing on the swung piano solo.
(Scratching, Rolls)
5.2 -- -- --
GRADIUS -FULL SPEED- [SPN] 4★ The first 4 I cleared, mainly because I just really like Gradius. Speed changes abound, but nothing that'll completely throw you.
(Speed Changes, Rolls)
4.2 -- -- --
Luv 2 Feel Your Body [SPN] 4★ A lower number of chords makes this a much easier clear than the Hyper, but still look out for the swung/syncopated notes. 4.4 -- -- --
Luv 2 Feel Your Body [SPH] 5★ Fun chart full of weirdly timed chords and mini-jacks that may take you a few tries.
(Jacks, Chords)
6.0 -- -- --
Mr.T.(take me higher) [SPN] 3★ """""3""""" (for the love of all you hold dear, use Random)
Random 4.5 -- -- --
CAR OF YOUR DREAMS [SPN] 5★ The last 11 measures are full of chords out to eat your gauge. If you can't decipher them, hope for a good random to help you out.
(Chords, Difficult End)
Random 5.8 -- -- --
GRADIUS 2012 [SPN] 5★ One of the easier 5s I've played. Has some short, unaccompanied charge notes. There's a scratch section but doesn't have any notes so it's nothing to worry about.
(Scratching, Charge Notes)
4.7 -- -- --
XINOBIKILL [SPN] 6★ Even with its charge notes and slow scales it's pretty non-threatening.
(Charge Notes, Scales)
5.7 -- -- --
SigSig [SPN] 5★ Really, really irritating chart with normal options. M17 alternates 1/S+1s and then M59-66 alternates chords and notes, which could throw you and/or your Dan gauge off guard. Ending is a breather.
(Chords, Difficult Middle)
5.8 -- -- --
Love Magic [SPN] 5★ The whole thing is (really slow) jacks/chord jacks and some pretty easy rolls.
(Jacks, Rolls)
5.0 -- -- --
sync [SPN] 6★ Once you get used to the short jacks and trills, not too threatening.
(Jacks, Trills)
6.0 -- -- --
V [SPN] 5★ Sort of an intro to rolls. A pretty easy clear unless you completely fall off time.
5.3 -- -- --
PARANOiA MAX (DIRTY MIX) [SPH] 6★ Barely a step up from the Normal. Some of the breaks from the N chart got filled in and some notes have become chords, but it's still not an intense chart in the slightest, especially not for a 6. 4.9 -- -- --
PARANOiA MAX (DIRTY MIX) [SPN] 5★ Really easy for a 5, with lots of long breaks where nothing happens. 4.1 -- -- --
MACHO GANG [SPN] 2★ Almost like a tutorial chart for scratching. Used to be a 1. Is honestly easy enough to be one.
1.5 -- -- --
GRADIUSIC CYBER [SPN] 5★ One of the tougher 5s, probably due to age. Watch for minijacks, especially in the middle. Don't worry about the speedup since it's only like a second long.
Regular 5.6 -- -- --