V [SPA] 12★ The only 12 I can consistently normal clear. Only on non-ran
(Scales, Denim, Rolls, Difficult End)
Regular, R-Random 12.2 -- -- --
rainbow rainbow [SPA] 11★ The ending is pretty tough. R-random made the end easy and the rest of the song a bit harder for me
(Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Random, R-Random 11.6 -- -- --
SHADE [SPA] 11★ Random makes this chart harder for me
(Scales, Chord Scales, Rolls, Chords)
Regular 11.8 -- -- --
Pollinosis [SPA] 11★ The beginning and end are the hardest parts. Couldnt get a good random and finally cleared non-ran.
(Scratching, Jacks, Rolls, Chords)
Regular 11.8 -- -- --
CHECKING YOU OUT [SPA] 11★ I did what DanAdamKOF said and got it first try. If you are decent at scratching you shouldnt have much trouble.
(Scratching, Speed Changes)
Regular, Random 11.4 -- -- --
R5 [SPA] 11★ This was harder to clear for me than most of the easier 11s. The ending was super awkward but i finally cleared it and havent played it since. Hard might be helpful for the ending?
(Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular 11.2 -- -- --
ICARUS [SPA] 12★ This was my first 12 clear. The only hard part is the speed up and its mashable if you know the chart well enough to adjust. The regular chart is pretty straight forward so i wouldnt bother with random (the rolls would most likely suck
(Speed Changes, Rolls, Difficult Middle)
Regular 12.0 -- -- --
rainbow guitar weeps [SPA] 11★ Pretty straightforward chart but the scales can be a little tough in the middle. The ending is easy so you can gain a good chunk of health if you are below 80%
(Scales, Chords, Difficult Middle)
Regular, Random 11.3 -- -- --
NEMESIS [SPA] 11★ Feels like a mid tier 11. I havent used random on this chart so im not sure if it would help with the harder parts. Hard clear isnt really too much harder than nc
(Jacks, Chords)
Regular 11.4 11.5 -- --
Blame [SPA] 11★ Not really hard but the jacks can be a pain. The ending is the killer so its easier to hard clear if you can keep a decent chunk of life through out the song
(Jacks, Chord Scales, Difficult End)
Regular, Random 11.5 11.3 -- --
VANESSA [SPH] 11★ Took me awhile to get this normal cleared and random really helped
(Scratching, Scales, Chord Scales, Chords)
Random 11.4 -- -- --
Halfway of promise [SPA] 11★ Really easy 11. Even the scratching isnt really bad. I cleared this well before any other 11 and should be a perfect 1st if you are ok with some scratches
Regular, Random, S-Random 11.0 11.1 -- --
Wonder Bullfighter [SPA] 11★ One of my first 11 clears. Nothing really hard outside of some heavy scratching. Like Qube said just be ready to scratch it out
Regular, Random 11.2 -- -- --
Scarlet Moon [SPA] 11★ Not really bad non-ran if you are ok at scales and scratching
(Scratching, Charge Notes, Scales)
Regular 11.4 -- -- --