Colors (radio e... // SPA // 12☆

deogenerate 1P sometimes you just won't lose as much as normal and clear with flying colors (huehuehue kill me)
(Scales, Trills, Rolls, Difficult Middle)
Regular, R-Random 12.2 -- -- --
coregee 2P 6th style chart, feels a bit gimmicky. ending is forgiving for an NC, but you need to be careful through the middle for the HC.
(Trills, Rolls)
Regular, Random, Mirror 12.2 12.4 -- --
CAERK 1P (Trills, Rolls) Random 12.2 12.7 -- 12.5
oobaazea 1P Barely possible to Genocide clear (82%) Random, R-Random 12.3 12.8 13.2 12.7
Azu 2P (Scales, Denim) R-Random 11.9 12.3 -- --
CookieBouquets 2P should definitely be 12.2/12.3 for NC, as others have said the ending is very difficult to geno-clear unless u have extremely good timing
(Scales, Denim, Trills)
Random, Mirror 12.3 -- -- --
ngqp 1P Still stupid to combo
(Scales, Chords)
Random, R-Random 12.1 12.4 -- 12.5
Smallwaves 1P If Geno-clearing this chart was more consistent, we'd be calling it Colors-clearing. If your timing is at least decent and you start off measure 65 with at least 20%, you should squeak by if you FC the rest.
(Scales, Denim, Trills, Rolls)
Regular, Random 12.3 -- -- --
MdXMaxX 2P *shrug* I hit 2% literally every time, cleared once out of a bajillion attempts
Random, R-Random 12.5 -- -- --
XAAACI 1P If your timing sucks ending is too hard to genocide
(Trills, Rolls)
Random, R-Random 12.2 12.6 13.1 12.5
supernovamaniac 1P Not that hard to score on, but tricky to pass on NC with genocide. While R-Ran makes most of the rolls slaptap-ish making it easier to hit, I've seen better Randoms. Random, R-Random 12.2 12.8 13.0 12.5
nepnep 2P Easily clearable if you can make it out of the flustercuck with ~30%, comboing through the end will give you about 70%
(Trills, Rolls)
Random, R-Random 12.2 12.8 13.1 12.8
Catastrophe 1P If you can genocide clear this then you can probably genocide clear anything. Forget about it. You only need about 30% to rebuild, though. Learning the song is also an option. Just saying.
Random, R-Random, Mirror 12.3 12.6 -- --
Zed. 1P If you leave the death roll with 46% and can time at all (30% if you can FC the ending), you're good to go for NC. NOR isn't too hard to learn (mostly 7x 16th bursts before the death roll).
(Trills, Rolls)
Regular, Random, R-Random 12.3 -- -- 12.1
Blue 1P The wall at the end is tough. But the ending gives you a substantial amount of health back. R-Random has a nice chance of giving you some slaps to make it much more manageable.
R-Random 12.2 -- -- --
RSMAX 1P easy geno clear if you keep some gauge on the ending part. r-ran makes this a 11.2
(Trills, Rolls)
Regular, Random, R-Random 12.2 -- -- --
shancial 2P Sightread this with random. Wall is divided into 2 sections, the hard part and then the chord roll after it. Was able to pass the wall on a great slap random (during the roll) with 36%, combo the ending for 82%
(Scales, Chord Scales, Rolls, Difficult Middle)
Random 12.2 -- -- --
8man 1P R-ran almost makes this song an 11. It gives you a slap on the big roll 99% of the time, but could make scoring on certain parts of the song much harder.
(Rolls, Difficult Middle)
R-Random 12.2 -- -- --