Saturn [SPA] 11★ Finally cleared this with random, getting the ending Jack to 3 (P2). Offbeat ending with dense chords makes this a really tough song. Get a good random and mash. Middle has a tough part as well but there is enough gain for the ending
(Jacks, Scales, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Random 11.8 -- -- --
Session 9 -Chronicles- [SPA] 12★ Not very random dependent. 2P regular, mash those chord scales, ending gives tons of recovery%. 12.8 because it randoms poorly and you are better off taking the chordscales
(Scales, Chord Scales)
Regular 12.8 -- -- --
POSSESSION [SPA] 12★ I'm just here to correct the rating, mash through it when you can and then forget the fact that this chart exists
(Chords, Difficult End)
Mirror 12.8 -- -- --
RAIN [SPA] 12★ If you came here looking for advice on first NC, just play other songs until you are better and can mash the ending jacks more efficiently, otherwise it's just a medium speed chordscalefest
(Jacks, Scales, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Mirror 12.7 -- -- --
[SPA] 12★ Apparently other players are godlike at jacks, speedchanges and never get bads.
(Jacks, Speed Changes, Chords, Difficult End)
Random 12.6 -- -- --
Broken [SPA] 12★ Randoming didn't help me. 1P regular is the way to go if you can do dense chord stream but with pretty easy patterns
(Scales, Chord Scales, Denim, Chords, Difficult Middle)
Mirror 12.6 -- -- --
#MAGiCVLGiRL_TRVP_B3VTZ [SPA] 12★ Jacks before the ending were the hardest part for me.
(Scratching, Jacks, Scales, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Mirror 12.6 -- -- --
FUZIN RIZIN [SPA] 12★ Straightforward stamina chart with some small bassrushes. Experiment with mirror
(Scales, Chord Scales, Rolls, Chords)
Regular, Mirror 12.6 -- -- --
The Least 100sec [SPA] 12★ Only the last speed change matters and you have plenty of time to change the speed when you know it's coming. Definitely P1 regular for this one
(Speed Changes, Scales, Chord Scales, Trills, Rolls, Chords)
Mirror 12.4 -- -- --
HAPPY★RUSH [SPA] 11★ Worst 11 in the game by far. Too scrappy to hard clear, insane bassrush with no gain at the end for an eleven. Starts out as a standard 11 but introduces chord bursts before the bassrush to lower your gauge even more.
(Jacks, Scales, Chord Scales, Difficult End)
Regular 12.4 -- -- --
Macuilxochitl [SPA] 11★ I have almost 50 cleared 12s and this is by far the most difficult clear I've gotten. There are no shortcuts or gimmicks, it's just a dense & boring chart. 1P regular / 2P mirror is a must.
(Scales, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult Middle)
Mirror 12.5 -- -- --
NNRT [SPA] 12★ 2P regular chart is really fun, no need to random this. Bassrush at the end can catch you off guard but it's not that bad after a few tries. Gotta go fast, love it.
(Scales, Trills, Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular 12.4 -- -- --
Todestrieb [SPA] 12★ You have to use mirror(1P chart) for this. On 2P this is a 12.6-7. Easy gain till the last part.
(Charge Notes, Scales, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Mirror 12.4 -- -- --
Caterpillar [SPA] 12★ You can bullshit the last scratch part and build up the gauge before the last difficult part.
(Scratching, Jacks, Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Mirror -- -- -- --
[SPA] 12★ 12.3 if are comfortable with fast chords and scratches. Good chart.
(Scratching, Scales, Chord Scales, Denim, Chords, Difficult Middle)
Mirror 12.4 -- -- --
刃図羅 [SPA] 12★ Fast but straightforward song. 12.4 if you like fast stuff.
(Scales, Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Mirror 12.4 -- -- --
恋する☆宇宙戦争っ!! [SPA] 12★ Stamina intensive, a great practice song for breaking into 12s. Really fun straightforward chart with a tough section near the end, but a nice gain after it
(Scales, Rolls, Chords)
Mirror 12.2 -- -- --
examination leave [SPA] 11★ I don't understand how you guys are so afraid of rating an 11 above 12. This is easily a 12.2 if not 12.3. Don't bother with randoms, P1 regular and grind till you hit the mashes -> cruise control until the end.
(Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Mirror 12.2 -- -- --
in the Sky [SPA] 11★ Would be 12.2 without R-Random, majority of the randoms make the chart a lot easier. You'll easily get AA score or maybe even a Hard clear before normal clearing this.
(Rolls, Chords)
R-Random 11.9 -- -- --
D [SPA] 11★ 2P, regular all the way. I prefer getting the jacks with my scratchside, ending is hard but not the hardest 11.
(Jacks, Speed Changes, Scales, Rolls, Chords)
Regular -- -- -- --
Do it!! Do it!! [SPA] 11★ R-Random + 1 on P2 side where the basskick shifts to Key 2 is probably the easiest slap for the ending
(Scratching, Rolls, Chords)
R-Random 11.8 -- -- --
Sense 2007 [SPH] 11★ R-random makes this way easier. Still doable on reg as well.
(Scratching, Jacks, Chord Scales, Chords)
Regular, R-Random 11.9 -- -- --
Rave Cannon [SPA] 12★ Really fun chart and a nice song. Good for training entry level 12s patterns
(Scratching, Charge Notes, Scales, Rolls, Chords)
Regular 12.3 -- -- --
SOLID STATE SQUAD [SPA] 12★ 2P regular all the way, is genocidable but helps if you can mash out the middle section. Keep a steady bass beat on 1 and 3 and you wont lose that much gauge
(Scales, Rolls, Chords, Difficult Middle)
Regular 12.2 -- -- --
Steel Edge [SPA] 12★ If you can nail the HCnotes at the end, this is a dense 11 with a bit of gain after the hardest part. Mash those scratchbursts, experiment with mirror/non-ran.
(Charge Notes, Scales, Rolls, Difficult End)
Regular, Mirror 11.9 -- -- --
Rave Saves You feat. Cardz (Exclusive IIDX Mix) [SPA] 11★ Been waiting for this clear. This is nowhere near easy 11s. It's a hard 9 with a possible hard killer in the middle, bullshit ending makes this a tough 11. Easy to mash too fast during the last measures. R-Random and Hard, grind it out.
(Scratching, Jacks, Difficult End)
R-Random -- 11.8 -- --
Highcharge Divolt [SPA] 12★ A very straightforward, fun and fast chart to begin your 12 journey. Double scales at the end ruin the fun but aren't too bad after some repetitions
(Charge Notes, Scales, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Mirror 12.2 -- -- --
Spica [SPA] 11★ Random can get you through the wall with about 30% health, standard hard 11 after that.
(Jacks, Scales, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult Middle)
Random 11.8 -- -- --
Time to Air [SPA] 11★ R-Random makes this chart go from 11.9 to 11.6
(Scratching, Scales, Denim, Chords, Difficult End)
R-Random 11.9 -- -- --
Beastie Starter [SPA] 11★ Very easy to mess up the ending, but you can ignore the scratches and focus on keeping the bass on beat. The ending nets you about 20% gain
(Jacks, Trills, Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Mirror 11.8 -- -- --
BRAINSTORM [SPA] 11★ Scratches ruin this as an 11. Experiment with reg/mir to find the suitable pattern for end scratch-runs, the first run is mashable, but take care on the second one and maybe even learn it. One of my last 11s.
(Scratching, Scales, Rolls, Chords)
Mirror 11.9 -- -- --
Critical Crystal [SPA] 11★ This is way easier than examination leave. Mirror on 2P helps helps with the end-run.
(Scratching, Jacks, Scales, Chord Scales, Denim, Rolls, Chords)
Mirror 12.0 -- -- --
Colors (radio edit) [SPA] 12★ Sightread this with random. Wall is divided into 2 sections, the hard part and then the chord roll after it. Was able to pass the wall on a great slap random (during the roll) with 36%, combo the ending for 82%
(Scales, Chord Scales, Rolls, Difficult Middle)
Random 12.2 -- -- --
千年ノ理 [SPA] 12★ Please stop with the memeing, this is not even close to a player's first 12 NC with SSC, sakura storm, gigadelic and innocent walls in the pool. A hard 11 for start and middle but you cannot ignore the difficulty of the ending
(Scratching, Scales, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Mirror 12.2 -- -- --
Little Star [SPA] 12★ Really fun chart for a player breaking into 12s. Straightforward scales, experiment with reg/mir.
(Scratching, Scales)
Mirror 12.2 -- -- --
紫陽花 -AZISAI- [SPA] 12★ Dense chart especially when breaking into the 12s. Keep your health up through the tough part in the middle, don't rely on the gain in the end because there are some tricky chords and scratches in there.
(Scratching, Jacks, Scales, Chord Scales, Chords)
Regular 12.1 -- -- --
invoker [SPA] 12★ One of the first 12s to clear if you can handle the speed. Experiment with mirror/reg to hit the scratches throughout the chart
(Scratching, Scales, Chords)
Regular, Mirror 12.1 -- -- --
電人、暁に斃れる。 [SPA] 12★ I sightread this chart with relative ease, yet the "easier" 12s give me real trouble. If you have stamina to mash dem butans, this can be an easy clear. Pay attention to the bass rush in the end.
(Jacks, Rolls, Chords)
Regular 12.2 -- -- --
stoic [SPA] 11★ I found it way easier on mirror 2P, you cant take the jacks as a quasi stream while keeping your tempo up mashing. You might get a few extra poors but the ending is quite easy to mash through
(Jacks, Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Mirror 11.6 -- -- --
TRANOID [SPA] 11★ Very easy to genocide clear if you can clear mid 11s. Don't give up in the middle section, experiment with normal and mirror for the clear lamp.
(Scratching, Scales, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult Middle)
Regular, Mirror 11.4 -- -- --
VOX UP [SPH] 11★ Found it easiest with regular. You can mash yourself to 100 before the ending. Ending is hard with uneven notes/jacks with scratches that might get you just below clearing after the long 1-7/2-5 roll.
(Scratching, Jacks, Denim, Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular 11.7 -- -- --
Welcome [SPA] 11★ Mash your way through the first 50% of the chart, try to keep some health and use that + the gain to get to full. Tryhard the ending, it's a tough one but you should be able to keep it above 80 once you know what the expect
(Scratching, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular 11.6 -- -- --
rumrum triplets [SPA] 11★ If you know your quick scales, you'll make quick work of this song. Middle is easily the hardest part the of song. If you are a player who likes to press them butans fast, this should be a mid-to-hardrange 11. No need to random.
(Scales, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult Middle)
Regular 11.6 -- -- --
DESIRE [SPA] 11★ Oh look, another shitty Guhroovy chart, what a surprise. Clear with Regular(2P) and forget the song till you start hardclearing 11s (this will be among the first bunch)
(Scratching, Scales, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular 11.6 -- -- --
炸裂!イェーガー電光チョップ!! (JAEGER FINAL ATTACK) [SPA] 11★ Never, ever play this in Normal if you are in player 1. Easy to get into a BAD-trap in the middle, but the latter part has enough gain to clear. The ending has pretty simple scratches with stuff for your notehand that make it hard.
(Scratching, Jacks, Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, R-Random 11.4 -- -- --
LA FESTA LA VITA!! [SPA] 11★ If you can handle the beginning, you can flatline the middle part and just genocide this shitty ass song and charts and forget it
(Rolls, Chords)
Regular, Mirror 11.5 -- -- --
MAGIC & LOVE [SPA] 11★ Mashy ending, a lot of small chordscales. Speedy streams (not as bad as, say, Outbreak) at the beginning and middle, try to keep up your gauge during the middle because the ending doesn't have a lot of gain in it.
(Scales, Chord Scales, Chords)
Regular 11.4 -- -- --
1st Samurai [SPA] 11★ If you haven't got above high-11s scratching skills, just use random until you get an easy pattern for the scratchpart, then boost your health to full during the middle and switch speeds for the ending, be prepared to mash the final chords
(Scratching, Speed Changes, Scales, Difficult Beginning)
Random 12.5 -- -- --
ピアノ協奏曲第1番”蠍火” [SPH] 11★ Mirror makes the ending much easier for 2P. Run through the charts a few times (it's a fun one) and mash the ending. if you can get through the jacks with 66-68, you cleared the song.
(Jacks, Chords)
Mirror 11.3 -- -- --
VALLIS-NERIA [SPA] 11★ 2P regular, waaaaaaaaay easier to clear. BSS doesn't matter, take the notes instead. Jacks don't really matter either. Basically ignore dybbuk and focus on the middle part with the minidenims/chordscales, after that keep your health up and dont lose focus.
(Jacks, Charge Notes, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult Middle)
Regular 11.7 11.8 -- --
ZED [SPA] 11★ Get a few easier hard clears on 11s and just HC this shit. A very nice streamy 11 ruined by the cheap ending. Found the ending to be a lot more manageable on mirror for P2
(Jacks, Scales, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Mirror 11.7 11.3 -- --
Violet Rose [SPA] 11★ Tried many times with random, much easier on normal once you have learnt the tricky rhythms. Expect to grind this one out a lot of times or get it first time with heavy mashing
(Jacks, Chords, Difficult Middle)
Regular, R-Random 11.7 -- -- --