雪月花 [SPA] 12★ Scratch rhythm for the last two measures: 1 e & 2 e & 3 e & 4 e & | 1 a & & a 4 &
(Scratching, Jacks, Scales, Rolls, Difficult End)
Random, Mirror 12.2 -- -- --
Rave*it!! Rave*it!! [SPA] 12★ Mirror this on 1P and you get a slap at the end that you can genocide for NC. 2P should non-ran for the same slap at the end. Use random if you actually want to practice hitting chords. MUCH harder to HC/EXHC
(Scratching, Jacks, Chords, Difficult Beginning)
Random, Mirror 12.3 -- -- --
NINJA IS DEAD IIDX ver. [SPA] 12★ Just mash the chords and float the middle to make sure you don't lose too much health for the end (it's an easy float to learn). It's harder than SSC but almost as fraudulent.
(Speed Changes, Scales, Chords, Difficult Middle)
Regular, Mirror 12.1 -- -- --
ΕΛΠΙΣ [SPA] 12★ The last few measures are annoying because of the 24th notes scales they throw in. Otherwise, it's straightforward 16th note chordstreams. If you've EC'd insane BMS lv 1 charts and/or have a bunch of stamina then this isn't too bad
(Scales, Chord Scales, Rolls)
Random, R-Random 12.3 -- -- --
snow storm† [SPA] 12★ Beginning is dense, but it gets easier after the 24th note passage in the middle. Just genocide this.
(Scales, Chord Scales, Rolls, Difficult Beginning)
Random 12.1 -- -- --
V [SPA] 12★ It's a good training song on random and R-ran for harder 12's. Use R-ran for your first clear unless you're playing on older CS styles. This isn't as gimmicky as other 12's you've likely cleared already.
(Scales, Denim, Rolls, Difficult Middle)
Random, R-Random 12.4 -- -- --
sakura storm [SPA] 12★ difficulty depends on the player tbh
(Charge Notes, Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Random 12.0 -- -- --
SPECIAL SUMMER CAMPAIGN [SPA] 12★ This was the easiest 12 to NC in the game for a long time, but Sinobuz gave us the gift of Steel Edge, an even easier 12 if you are better at CN's. Density is comparable to a dense 11, and you can cheese it if you can get through those denser 11's
(Denim, Chords, Difficult Middle)
Regular, Random, Mirror 11.8 -- -- --
千年ノ理 [SPA] 12★ It's a 12, it's harder than SSC because of the ending. Stop rating this below trash "12's" like SSC and Steel Edge
(Scratching, Scales, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Random 12.1 -- -- --
紅牡丹 [SPA] 12★ It's a 12 for sure, but it's not too difficult. If you can get through denser 11's like 532nm [A], giudecca [A], decoherence [A], or even psun [A], then all you need to do is stay alive in the middle and hit the scratches at the end to build back up to 80
(Scratching, Scales, Rolls, Difficult Middle)
Random, R-Random 12.1 -- -- --
Innocent Walls [SPH] 12★ don't mash measure 69, it's just straight 16th notes
(Scratching, Jacks, Chords)
Regular, Random 12.0 -- -- --
Steel Edge [SPA] 12★ Hell Charge Notes with the occasional 16th scratch burst and the density of most 11's. Use Non-ran or mirror on this one. Just hit the HCN's. It's the newest "easiest 12 in the game to NC", much easier than SSC so long as you can hit the HCN's
(Scratching, Charge Notes, Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Mirror 11.8 -- -- --
gigadelic [SPH] 12★ Song is either really easy or really hard to NC depending on the random. The roll at the beginning shows up at the end. Pay attention to the scratches at the end, not all of them are on the beat. Usually players can HC before they NC this one.
(Scratching, Rolls, Difficult End)
Random 12.2 12.0 -- --