ΔMAX [DSP] 13★ It's not only hard to time but deceptively draining as well, if you ask me. Wouldn't be bothered if it were re-rated.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Drills, Jacks, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
1.0x 13.9 14.4
Stella Sinistra [ESP] 15★ Despite it being easy to pass, if you're trying to MA, forget it, the timing feels awkward as hell.
(Gallops, Step-Jumps, Candles)
2.5x 15.1 15.8
紅焔 [CSP] 15★ Sorry but there's WAY TOO MUCH going on in this one to be a 15. Just a massive barrage of arrows and a plethora of gimmicks to trip you up.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Drills, Step-Jumps, Candles)
2.25x 16.1 16.1
sakura storm [CSP] 13★ Way too many step-jumps and crossovers for your average 13. I mean, it's timed right and good to score on if you can get it down, but for a pass, it's still got some tough step-jump patterns.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Step-Jumps)
2.5x 13.9 13.5
SUNKiSS♥DROP [ESP] 12★ The thing that saves this chart from being a questionable 13 is the fact the patterns are very repetitive
2.25x 12.9 12.7
TRIP MACHINE Survivor [ESP] 13★ Past its crossovers and candles, it's an easier 13.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Turns, Jacks, Candles)
3.0x 13.1 13.2
sync (EXTREME version) [ESP] 9★ A 9? Are you kidding me, Konami? This should really be an 11. (11.1 and 10.9)
(Crossovers, Candles)
2.5x 10.9 10.9
era (nostalmix) [ESP] 11★ I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks this oughta be a 12! Very streamy
(Jacks, Difficult End)
2.5x 12.1 12.0
♥Love²シュガ→♥ [ESP] 8★ Not two ratings under Happy Wedding! (Should be 10.1 clear)
(Crossovers, Jumps)
3.0x 9.9 9.8
V (for EXTREME) [CSP] 13★ Borderline 14-ish I reckon, I wouldn't be bothered if this along with heavy were bumped up one rating.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Turns, Drills, Difficult End)
3.0x 14.0 13.9
iFUTURELIST(DDR VERSION) [CSP] 13★ This is a really weird song. But it is REALLY hard to get a good score on this one.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Step-Jumps)
2.5x 13.5 14.0
ORION.78 (civilization mix) [ESP] 13★ Pretty draining 13, and hard to time as well!
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Turns, Step-Jumps)
2.25x 13.6 13.8
ÆTHER [DSP] 14★ Kinda reminds me of a longer version of Pluto Relinquish DSP. Not too heavy on the gimmicks but they're still there.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
1.25x 14.3 14.1
阿波おどり -Awaodori- やっぱり踊りはやめられない [ESP] 14★ Always had more trouble with this than most of the 14s, probably with the exception of SS vs MN.
(Gallops, Speed Changes, Difficult End)
1.75x 15.0 15.0
IX [DSP] 14★ Has all sorts of gimmicks to trip you up. A pretty tough 14, I'd say.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops, Turns, Drills, Jacks, Step-Jumps, Candles)
1.25x 14.6 14.7
DROP OUT [ESP] 13★ It's pretty much like Afronova at 260 BPM, but a very hard 13 nonetheless. Probably if the game still ran at 30 FPS when this song first came out, I'd call this a definite 14.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Turns, Drills, Step-Jumps, Candles, Difficult End)
1.5x 13.9 13.9
Healing Vision (Angelic mix) [ESP] 13★ Should be a 14, imo.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Turns, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
2.5x 14.0 14.0
Shiny World [ESP] 14★ Some think this should be a 13. I disagree if only for the patterns that show up. The crossover-stepjumps especially.
(Crossovers, Turns, Step-Jumps)
4.0x 14.0 14.2
New Decade [DSP] 14★ Another relic of the "crossover age" that is the X-series of DDR versions. Despite the shorter length of the song, it definitely still earns its 14 rating.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Speed Changes, Drills)
1.25x 14.4 14.6
革命 (X-Special) [CSP] 14★ This one's pretty hard to time with it's triplets, jumps, and gallops all around. If you're looking for an easy 14 to pass, this is one, but to score on, look elsewhere.
(Gallops, Jumps, Freeze Notes)
3.0x 14.1 14.5
Healing Vision (X-Special) [CSP] 14★ Flows a bit awkwardly, just really makes me wish I was playing Angelic Mix instead.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Drills, Step-Jumps)
2.5x 14.4 14.6
SABER WING (AKIRA ISHIHARA Headshot mix) [ESP] 15★ Pretty messy chart overall, a bit of a harder 15, I reckon.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Speed Changes, Stops)
1.75x 15.8 15.9
TRIP MACHINE PhoeniX [ESP] 15★ Arguably harder than the challenge chart. I heard you like jumps in the middle of your streams!
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Step-Jumps, Candles)
3.0x 15.5 15.6
TRIP MACHINE PhoeniX [CSP] 15★ 16th triplets littered all over the place on this one. Very technical in Trip Machine fashion.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Step-Jumps, Candles)
3.0x 15.3 15.4
Valkyrie dimension [DSP] 15★ Should probably be an upper 14. Only 15-ish part comes at the end.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops, Drills, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
2.0x 14.9 14.9
smooooch・∀・ [CSP] 10★ Best. Shock Arrow. Chart. Ever. A real diamond in the rough. The step chart matches the background animation pretty well!
(Crossovers, Jumps, Shock Arrows)
2.5x 10.8 10.6
Second Heaven [CSP] 14★ This definitely is a product of X2 when they were introducing a lot of 14s and just riddled them with tons of crossovers and called it a day.
(Crossovers, Turns, Drills, Jacks, Candles, Difficult End)
3.0x 14.5 14.7
Sakura Sunrise [ESP] 14★ Riddled with all sorts of jumps and crossovers, not friendly to those who aren't good at jumps!
(Crossovers, Jumps, Turns, Step-Jumps, Candles)
2.5x 14.5 14.8
Gamelan de Couple [ESP] 12★ Really hard to time but an easier 12 to pass nonetheless. The first time I played this, I failed because I fell over laughing from the dancing cacti animations.
(Gallops, Turns)
3.0x 12.3 12.8
Horatio [ESP] 15★ Although an easier 15, is fun to play. Is pretty hard to focus on at times because of its background movie, though.
(Gallops, Drills, Difficult End)
2.5x 15.1 15.1
NGO [ESP] 15★ Ironically enough this is the first 15 I've cleared. But oh my god... I will NEVER try to actually score well on this. I don't know what they were thinking initially rating this a 9-footer in SN2.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Speed Changes, Turns, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
1.75x 15.3 16.6
Squeeze [ESP] 15★ Players probably think this is a 14 until they get the ending thrown right in their face. It's still probably one of the easier proper 15s but don't take it too lightly! (Am I the only one who thinks this could use a level 17 challenge chart?)
(Gallops, Turns, Drills, Difficult End)
2.5x 15.3 15.4
RËVOLUTIФN [ESP] 14★ Don't let the (mostly) lack of 16ths fool you, this is a very draining 14 riddled with a tossed salad of patterns.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Turns, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
2.0x 14.9 14.8
nightbird lost wing [ESP] 14★ Definitely up there for the 14s with its awkward patterns.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Turns, Step-Jumps)
2.0x 14.8 14.8
Empathetic [ESP] 14★ Pretty easy for a 14, though probably doesn't need to be re-rated for the drills and gallops it contains.
(Gallops, Drills)
3.0x 14.0 14.1
Pierce The Sky [ESP] 14★ If Romancing Layer can get away with being a 15, then so can this. I have no idea how you're supposed to orient your body throughout most of the chart. (Crossover gallop-packed)
(Crossovers, Gallops, Speed Changes, Turns, Difficult End)
2.5x 14.9 14.9
Pluto Relinquish [DSP] 14★ I remember being bewildered at how this was considered a 10-footer on the old scale. Probably a stretch, but I think Hades is without a doubt, more of a 10-footer than this. Pretty crossover-heavy, nonetheless.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Drills)
1.25x 14.4 14.5
CHAOS [ESP] 14★ Probably the first 14 people without access to A or r23 cabinets could clear, not so much to score on, though.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Stops)
3.0x 14.1 14.6
B4U("VOLTAGE" Special) [CSP] 14★ Ugh... Is all I can say about this chart. Not a fan at all. I hope whoever stepped this one is forced to play this 10 times in a row per day to earn their paycheck.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Turns, Jacks, Difficult End)
3.0x 14.8 15.2
AM-3P("CHAOS" Special) [CSP] 14★ The beginning is fun to play, hope you like a 16th note-compressed version AM-3P Maniac's chart! Otherwise, pretty complicated to score on with it's bizarre step-jumps around the end.
(Crossovers, Turns, Step-Jumps, Difficult Beginning)
3.25x 14.6 15.3
この子の七つのお祝いに [ESP] 14★ Probably one of the first official 14s we've laid our eyes on. Not too bad of a clear, but it is kinda hard to score on, also has a yellow note syndrome at the end.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Turns, Drills, Difficult Middle)
2.5x 14.7 14.9
Samurai Shogun vs. Master Ninja [ESP] 14★ If this is a 14, then PSMO is a 15.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Drills)
1.75x 15.4 --
POSSESSION [DSP] 14★ Deceptively draining with the amount of jumps it has, but otherwise easy to score on.
(Jumps, Speed Changes)
1.25x 14.6 14.2
Healing-D-Vision [ESP] 14★ If this were pre-X timing, I would have said this would be a 15, but the timing's definitely improved since then. Still pretty difficult for a 14, otherwise.
(Gallops, Jumps, Speed Changes, Difficult End)
1.75x 14.8 14.8
Uranus [CSP] 13★ Mid-to-upper average, pretty quintessential 13 aside from the jump spam in the beginning. Pretty weird to believe this was rated a 10 on the old scale.
(Gallops, Jumps, Turns, Difficult Beginning)
3.0x 13.5 13.8