Second Heaven [CSP] 14★ Lol
(Crossovers, Turns, Candles, Difficult End)
4.0x 14.6 15.1
革命 (X-Special) [CSP] 14★ Slowdown in the beginning is slower than you think. Ghost step galore
(Gallops, Step-Jumps, Difficult Beginning)
4.0x 14.2 14.6
Burning Heat! (3 Option Mix) [ESP] 13★ Start that one burst facing right. You know the one.
(Gallops, Turns, Candles)
3.5x 13.4 13.9
London EVOLVED Ver.C [CSP] 17★ The ending drains you so fast that before you realize it, you're already an empty husk of a human being and too tired to do the possession scoobies at the end
(Crossovers, Jumps, Speed Changes, Turns, Candles, Difficult End)
1.5x 17.7 17.8
Xepher [CSP] 15★ Shits so offsync. If you dont manage to instantly get 10 greats in the first 20s this is an easy 15 to score on
(Gallops, Jumps)
3.5x 15.1 15.3
Triple Journey -TAG EDITION- [ESP] 16★ Not a 16. This is more draining than anti-matter esp. 192 bpm crossover stream and candles = low/mid 17 at the very least.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Turns, Drills, Candles, Difficult End)
3.0x 17.1 17.2
SABER WING (AKIRA ISHIHARA Headshot mix) [ESP] 15★ Chart is easier than you think once you learn it. After the slow 3 note jack, don't rush the speedup. The green stream feels faster than it actually is. Also in the final slowdown, the two gallops are tricky because sound like 12ths but are actually 16ths.
(Speed Changes, Stops, Turns, Step-Jumps)
2.0x 15.6 15.7
Go For The Top [ESP] 15★ Right+up and then left+up after the stop. It comes faster than you think
(Speed Changes, Stops, Turns, Drills)
3.5x 15.7 15.6
CRAZY♥LOVE [ESP] 15★ Double step the beginning, footswitch the freezes in the middle, half-bracket the step jumps, and haul ass on the ending
(Crossovers, Jumps, Speed Changes, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
3.5x 15.4 15.4
KIMONO♥PRINCESS [ESP] 15★ The hardest jun 15 by far in terms of stamina and scoring
(Jumps, Speed Changes, Candles)
3.25x 15.8 15.7
MAX 300 [ESP] 15★ Should be a 15.3 for scoring but turns out to be more like a 15.7 because its legacy and history is so intimidating it makes you think it's harder than it is
(Speed Changes, Stops, Jacks, Candles)
2.0x 15.6 15.5
Shiny World [ESP] 14★ The 12th note jackhammer is faster than you think it is
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
6.0x 14.1 14.0
Pierce The Sky [ESP] 14★ The ending gallops are half spins, but it's more consistent to double step them. Easier than second heaven.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Turns, Difficult End)
3.5x 14.5 14.7
CHAOS [ESP] 14★ When the song turns into green salad, the triples are a tiny bit faster than 16ths. Ghost stepping 100% required. Watch videos of people playing this to figure out how to ghost step it
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops, Step-Jumps)
3.5x 14.2 15.5
不沈艦CANDY [ESP] 14★ Feels like the longest song in the game
(Gallops, Speed Changes, Step-Jumps)
3.25x 14.8 14.4
smooooch・∀・ [ESP] 12★ Tricky gallops early in, otherwise straightforward
3.5x 12.7 12.8
Freeway Shuffle [CSP] 12★ Sync is pretty much perfect, so it's easier than it should be to score on. Good candidate for first 12 PFC
(Freeze Notes, Drills)
3.5x 12.6 12.7
HAPPY☆ANGEL [ESP] 12★ One of the funnest 12s -- good chart, good sync, easy PFC
3.0x 12.6 12.5
L'amour et la liberté (DDR Ver.) [ESP] 12★ Shit took me 30 tries to PFC, legit probably a low 14 for scoring
(Gallops, Candles, Difficult End)
4.0x 12.8 14.0
[ESP] 13★ When you hit the freeze, count to 3 slowly in your head and then step it on 3. Then step on the next arrow as it's flashing white
(Gallops, Speed Changes, Drills)
1.75x 13.8 15.0
Across the nightmare [CSP] 13★ Don't panic on the drills, it's easy to rush them and get dumb greats.
(Gallops, Drills)
2.0x 13.4 13.7
No.13 [ESP] 13★ Bad sync, and the gallops are REALLY tricky
3.5x -- --
WH1TE RO5E [ESP] 13★ Basically an 11 until the ending where it becomes a 15
(Speed Changes, Drills, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
3.5x 13.6 14.1
On The Break [ESP] 13★ Watch the youtube vid to learn the stop, and the rest of the chart is easy if you know how to turn properly
(Gallops, Stops, Turns)
3.5x 13.5 13.6
Sakura Sunrise [ESP] 14★ Stamina draining with multiple jump-step-jump sections at a high speed. There's some tricky freezes where you're forced to turn, but apart from that it's honestly not too difficult to score on. Should be among the first 14 PFCs you get.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Turns, Freeze Notes, Step-Jumps)
3.25x 14.5 14.1
on the bounce [ESP] 14★ Easy clear, easy PFC (1st try for me). Basically a 13 with some draining jump sections and some tricky transitions if you're not prepared.
(Jumps, Freeze Notes, Difficult End)
4.0x 14.1 14.1