L'amour et la liberté (Darwin & DJ Silver remix) [ESP] 11★ Why will they put those 16th fast steps at the beginning? And then the rest compare to that looks like a total piece of cake. Like i-feel, or xenon expert, irregular steps are all over the place and is scattered for the rest.
(Gallops, Speed Changes, Freeze Notes, Jacks, Difficult Beginning)
2.5x 11.4 13.0
PARANOiA Revolution [DSP] 14★ 14... right. What can I say? *cough cough* -___-. Freeze note foot placement in the slow part is what the expert mode does not have, Towards the end, they put more steps to take your last breath out.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops, Freeze Notes, Drills, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
1.25x 14.9 14.2
Cytokinesis [ESP] 14★ The speedup with faster and faster steps will get most 13/14 footers fail at extra stage, where a few 15-foot song training will help tons to unlock this song. Bpm changes all-over and is not failsafe at all in extra
(Jumps, Speed Changes, Drills, Difficult End)
2.0x 13.5 15.5
DDR MEGAMIX [DSP] 13★ The Standand (ie Difficult) mode counterpart of all ddr songs the remix played,. Even for LoM standard, and is why it is a 13. But scoring with those weird bpm changes is something else. 1x-1.5x are all ideal speed mods. Careful with bag standard
(Speed Changes)
1.25x 13.5 --
Emera [ESP] 16★ Put on a lower speed mod, ie 2.75x downwards up to 2x, and double step through the whole song. Read ahead where to step, then it should be a fairly nice 15 to pass. (It's rated a 15 now rofl)
(Crossovers, Freeze Notes, Drills)
2.5x 15.6 15.6
ナイト・オブ・ナイツ [DSP] 11★ A little bit tiring for a 11, but if you have that stamina and can handle a few "fast steps", this song is basically a clear pass. Low skill requirement, no turns. Double step one or two of those tricky 8ths, you might even full combo it. 1.75x 11.8 11.0
SEDUCTION [ESP] 12★ It is mainly the jumps that makes the song quite tiring 12 to play on, but if you are looking for some nice exercise, this song will do it nice
(Jumps, Stops, Step-Jumps)
3.0x -- --
MAX 300(Super-Max-Me Mix) [DSP] 13★ Everything except for the ending is correctly rated. More tiring than max unlimited difficult, making it more of a borderline 14. For a starter who cannot do 16-17 style turns, I would just leave it and forget about it. Stamina intensive
(Gallops, Jumps, Speed Changes, Turns, Freeze Notes, Step-Jumps, Candles)
1.5x 13.9 15.0
CHAOS [BSP] 8★ Try this at extra stage and whoa a FAIL xD. Famous for its quite irregular stops. If you catch it or memorize it, tho, it is possible to clear it with just 4 lives.
2.0x 8.5 --
Elysium [CSP] 13★ I told a friend who played it in extra he did well with this. Now I remember why I said this by instinct (cause of miss) Everything in this song IS a 14 except it was rated 13 perhaps only because of its low stamina requirement. Entry 14 style steps.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Stops, Turns, Freeze Notes, Difficult Middle)
3.0x 14.0 14.0
Valkyrie dimension [DSP] 15★ This really shouldn't be a 15, because you can just up speed mod to 2.0x and you get plenty of reading power left, perhaps, for a even faster speed mod. Then the whole song just became a 14 because of just that.
(Speed Changes, Difficult Middle)
2.0x 14.6 15.0
ΔMAX [DSP] 13★ Nice warmup song for some action. But still, many find it hard and not very player friendly. For the other ddr players at least, in my arcade. Song and steps speed up gradually overtime, which itself makes the song unique.
(Crossovers, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
1.0x 13.7 14.5
Heaven is a '57 metallic gray (gimmix) [ESP] 12★ Loved the 12th gallops, but hard to time well just because this song has no 8th but only 4th and 12th notes
(Gallops, Speed Changes)
2.5x 12.7 13.5
Dance Dance Revolution [ESP] 12★ Don't overdo the crossovers and you should be fine, and will make the song easier too. Double stepping sometimes doesn't hurt unless you are sure of where to crossover and when not to. The last skipping part is a combo breaker
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Difficult End)
2.75x 13.3 13.7
Gamelan de Couple [ESP] 12★ Fun song except for balancing being the only problem. The bar at the back will help a lot, but still nothing can replace it.
(Gallops, Difficult Middle)
2.75x 12.5 12.9
Holic [ESP] 11★ Song for those who are beginning to touch 8th notes and faster steps. Just all because there is nothing in the song where you need any double step, turns, nor crossover. You face the screen, and just rotate between left and right foot + jumps. Thats it.
(Jumps, Step-Jumps)
2.0x 11.8 11.2
Holic [BSP] 7★ Hehe I quite like the light mode of this chart --- tap, tap, tap, tap-tap, tap, tap. Pay attention you are tapping notes that aren't quite regular as a lot of light mode songs, which a lot of beginners fail to get the rhythm and miss steps 1.5x 7.5 --
[ESP] 16★ A very easy 16 to clear so long as you have the energy to do so, but I will not exactly call it a 15 neither. Its that I cleared a number of 15 and this is clearly harder. Previously I failed at the slower part.
(Speed Changes, Difficult Middle)
2.5x 16.0 16.5
Quickening [ESP] 11★ First comes irrregular notes and then fast 16th note drills that goes left right left right etc, Get the beginning done and the song is much easier than it looks. Speed mods will help alot in timing that drill part
(Drills, Difficult Beginning)
3.0x 11.5 --
CAN'T STOP FALLIN' IN LOVE (super euro version) [DSP] 7★ The beginning part, the end part --- careful with the 16th note. And yes, in a 7 rating song. Pass, easy, but scoring, it is a hell for a "7" song, not only for that "hard" part but everywhere too! 3.0x 7.3 9.0
PARANOiA (kskst mix) [DSP] 13★ Tiring, streamy, a bit jumpy. But easy to read. No yellow 16th notes.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Freeze Notes, Step-Jumps)
2.75x 13.3 13.3
Healing-D-Vision [ESP] 14★ It is sorta fine and tiring when at the start, a lot of jumps, hard-to-time 12th notes etc, but still fairly nice to go. Not until that kind of denser arrows that get the remaining stamina, as if playing a 15
(Jumps, Speed Changes, Difficult End)
1.5x 14.7 --
INNOCENCE OF SILENCE [ESP] 12★ Fun to play on but very hard not to miss any of those steps especially at the end, and yes, passing this chart as a 12 footer is not hard at all. An all time 1x favirote for me :D
(Gallops, Speed Changes, Difficult End)
3.0x 12.4 --
PARANOiA survivor [ESP] 15★ If you can read crossovers then this song will not be too problematic for a 15 rating. Other than that is the stamina left for the last real 15-rate arrows coming at the end
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Stops, Candles, Difficult End)
1.5x 15.5 --
DDR MEGAMIX [ESP] 15★ A song for a 12-13 footer except the end part. A mix of different kinds of steps found in nostalga ddr mixes. If you can survive the last bunches of fast steps and the jumps, then it is a clear.
(Gallops, Jumps, Speed Changes, Difficult End)
1.25x 15.5 --
Diamond Dust [CSP] 13★ A very lovely shock arrow step chart to play on that I found this fun to play. I am not too good at those shock arrows, though :P
(Jumps, Shock Arrows)
2.0x 13.5 --
TRIP MACHINE EVOLUTION [DSP] 12★ Average 12 that you will see. Cool song, tho. 2.0x 12.3 --
RED ZONE [ESP] 12★ Quite average to pass as a 12, except at those fast gallops that got me bigtime in actually being able to step on them, that is, without a good nor miss
2.75x 12.6 13.3
CAN'T STOP FALLIN' IN LOVE (SPEED MIX) [ESP] 12★ -.- If it is not all those turns and crossover. This song in the old rating system was a 9 rofl. Streams all over the place, gallops, jumps, etc. I have seen how the jacks alone costed someone to fail the song straight.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Turns, Jacks)
1.5x 13.5 13.0
Flow (True Style) [CSP] 13★ The very last speedup of the song is what made this a 13, but the rest are quite easy in comparison and very straightforward even with the bpm change.
(Gallops, Jumps, Speed Changes, Freeze Notes, Drills, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
1.5x 13.3 13.5
CHOCOLATE PHILOSOPHY [CSP] 12★ Fun 12th note skippy song to play with. The important tip is to always use note on this song instead of vivid nor rainbow, to distinguish between skips and jumps.
4.0x 12.5 --
SEXY PLANET (FROM NONSTOP MEGAMIX) [CSP] 8★ If you survive the beginning then you should be able to survive the rest. However it does not mean that you do not have to pay attention to the jump-step-jump-step pattern. Most might consider jumping straight through that lot for easy reading.
(Jumps, Step-Jumps, Difficult Beginning)
1.5x 8.9 --
BRE∀K DOWN! [ESP] 12★ I have totally forgotten this is a 12 in rating lol considering how its stamina took me already. Low end 13 1.75x 13.2 13.0
WILD RUSH (FROM NONSTOP MEGAMIX) [CSP] 9★ The low number of steps meaning you can pass it easier than songs with the similar rating, but this is no easy song to grasp on.The steps just jumbled altogether making timing quite a challenge. 3.0x 8.8 --
TSUGARU (APPLE MIX) [CSP] 11★ Too many skips and tricky steps to be a 11, but definitely easier than its expert countepart. Like its counterpart, it slowsdown at the end too.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Speed Changes)
1.5x 12.0 13.0
DROP OUT (FROM NONSTOP MEGAMIX) [CSP] 12★ Good news: There aren't any candles at the end meaning easier foot placement. Bad news: The not so fast bpm made it very hard to time when it comes to the 16th streamy end
(Drills, Difficult End)
3.0x 13.4 14.0
Sweet Sweet♥Magic [BSP] 5★ Good practice on jumps, in a setting that it is quite spacey, both for timing wise, and readability for beginners who wanted to get used to the dance platform. Step timing should be paid attention on songs like this.
1.0x 5.0 5.0
Sweet Sweet♥Magic [ESP] 13★ This song lacks the tricky streamy crossover that is typical as a 13, but this song's stamina, gallops and step jumps bumped the dfficulty quite a bit, though I will not consider it as a difficulty 13 at all.
(Gallops, Stops, Step-Jumps)
2.0x 13.3 13.6
MAXX UNLIMITED [DSP] 13★ The main difficulty lies on the end that you need to jump with almost full force towards the end, and when you have put all to it. By that time your stamina would be that eh.. well, as a 13 that is
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Speed Changes, Stops, Freeze Notes, Step-Jumps)
1.5x 13.8 13.5
ACE FOR ACES [DSP] 13★ This song's bpm is 100-200 in this mode. Timing is tricky when a lot of this song's stream starts off delaying half a beat before you start stepping, so watch out for either the note color, or the position of the step.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Difficult Middle)
2.0x 13.5 14.0
ENDYMION [BSP] 13★ You will have a tough time just to time it, and the speedup is not something that I am very pleased about, making it difficult in both using a speed mod or a slower mod. 1.5x is the max that I will recommend.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Drills, Difficult Middle)
1.25x 13.7 14.0
Dancer in the flare [ESP] 13★ With its irregular rhythm and its fair stamina this should be sorta a nice little 13 to play on. A less stamina intensive way for those who wanted to get used to some nice stepping technique for faster 14-15 songs. 2.5x 13.4 14.0
[ESP] 13★ Easy to pass comparatively, to that one horrible-to-time slow arrow as well the bunch of slowdowns at the end.
(Gallops, Speed Changes, Stops, Difficult End)
1.0x 13.5 15.0
exotic ethnic [ESP] 13★ Twist twist Turn turn, twist twist turn turn. Despite me not liking the song at all, the steps are so uniform and well made that I give this an A definitely. Streamly and steps are quite evenly distributed
(Crossovers, Turns)
1.5x 13.5 13.1
MAX 300 [ESP] 15★ Coming to think about it, stepping on a 360 bpm songs made the stepping on this classic much easier. Someone starting their 15s will find the beginning a bottleneck of "fail" back in ddr extreme. And then its stamina uptill the part at the end.
(Stops, Drills, Candles, Difficult Beginning)
1.5x 15.5 15.4
MAX. (period) [DSP] 13★ This chart is horribly tiring as a "13" that made it look more like a 14. 1x speed is so fast that the bar seemed to be of help. Step scrolling very fast at the end means much more stamina drain than having that amount of steps scrolling at a slower speed.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Speed Changes, Stops, Step-Jumps, Candles, Difficult End)
1.0x 14.5 14.2
Over The "Period" [DSP] 15★ The speed changes are straightforward but arrow readability is a problem. Depending on your speed mod, it occurs either at the beginning, or the end. Memorize the 16th beat session in the middle of the song. Step wise alone is a 15 but readability not.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops, Drills, Difficult End)
1.25x 15.5 15.9
A [CSP] 12★ This cannot be a 12 and some so call 13 is way easier than this one. Jumps and streams will take toll at the end. But for the beginning a speed mod will make it easier to read.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Speed Changes, Drills, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
1.5x 13.3 13.3
xenon [DSP] 10★ Jacks, and a lot of them, making both stepping and timing quite tough. Easy enough to read overall with a speed mod. Definitely not a 10. A challenge to alternate between different points of balancing, but overall quite straightforward.
(Jumps, Jacks)
2.5x 11.0 11.0
DoLL [CSP] 13★ The 8th note ordinary stepping and crossover with some 16th notes, and then 12th at the end. A nice song to practice crossovers and all sort of 13 footer tricks.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Freeze Notes, Jacks, Difficult End)
2.0x 13.5 13.5
CHAOS [DSP] 12★ (Stops) 2.0x 12.5 13.5
i feel... [ESP] 12★ Scoring is a different issue with all those irregular beats, which is all over the place. Extra attention needed for getting nice combos and you might want a even higher speed mod than 2.5x to score. Passing is fine so long as speed mods are used
(Crossovers, Gallops, Difficult End)
2.5x 12.3 12.8
Healing-D-Vision [DSP] 12★ This chart is like asking a 13 whether they wanted a tiring version or a less tiring version of the same step. For this instead of expert, you get a less tiring ending by eliminating some jumps without decrease difficulty of the rest of the hard jumps. Yuk
(Gallops, Jumps, Difficult Middle)
1.25x 13.7 14.0
DXY! [ESP] 12★ Step jumps at the end is not something to be easily neglected. But good thing is the song started out as being very easy then gradually increase to its real difficulty, then it just gets you at the end. Careful with gallops at beginning.
(Gallops, Jumps, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
2.0x 13.5 13.8
サナ・モレッテ・ネ・エンテ [ESP] 12★ Get used to 16th notes and you will be fine. Slow enough to use a comfortable speed mod. Introductory to dense arrows at 1x.
3.0x 12.2 12.5
MAX 300 [DSP] 12★ A devastatingly less stamina intensive version of a 14-15, making clearing this song much much easier than its expert counterpart. So long as the life bar is charged before those streams comes, it is possible that a 12 will pass it.
(Stops, Difficult End)
1.5x 12.6 14.0
Healing Vision (Angelic mix) [ESP] 13★ It is 13 but a tiring one. Very stamina intensive but otherwise straightforward. Does not have any 16th note when it is not on the slowdown end. Careful with that one and only stop. You have to start stepping half a beat earlier.
(Speed Changes, Stops, Difficult End)
1.5x 13.8 13.2
Over The "Period" [BSP] 12★ This song forces you not to use a higher speed mod, therefore made the arrows before the speed up denser. Listen closely to the beat to hit the super dense arrows at the beginning.
(Speed Changes, Difficult End)
1.25x 12.9 13.2
Love You More [DSP] 12★ Stops are bit of a bother but is a solid 12.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Stops)
1.5x 12.3 12.5