A // SPA // 12☆

Smallwaves 1P I guess you can mash the scales a bit
(Speed Changes, Scales)
Random, R-Random 12.1 12.2 -- --
Anomaly 1P FHS specific strategy: Double your initial green #. While still holding the Start button, hit two black keys. Play. Once the beginning is over (before speed change), quickly hold Start and hit two white keys to reset back to your original doubled green #.
(Scratching, Speed Changes, Scales, Rolls, Difficult End)
Random 12.0 12.0 12.5 12.0
deogenerate 1P Beginning isn't half BPM, don't just double green number!
(Speed Changes, Scales)
Regular, Random 12.0 12.1 -- --
meme 2P Special summer campaign is harder than this
(Scratching, Speed Changes, Scales, Chord Scales, Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Random 11.7 -- -- --
CHZK 1P First half is nothing but chords, second half only reaches easy level 12 density for a few seconds
(Speed Changes, Scales)
Regular 12.0 12.0 12.0 12.0
CAERK 1P (Speed Changes, Scales, Chords) Random 11.9 12.0 12.2 12.0
Pallero 1P I tried to random this many times and thought it's like 12.4 or something but then i tried mirror and it was simple. Mirror 12.0 -- -- --
oobaazea 1P Easier end of 12s
(Speed Changes, Scales)
Regular, Random 12.0 12.1 12.3 12.1
XAAACI 1P (Speed Changes, Scales) Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 11.9 12.1 12.5 12.2
ngqp 1P Just bullshit scales with your right hand
(Jacks, Scales)
Regular, R-Random 12.0 12.0 12.2 12.1
MdXMaxX 2P Ending is a little tricky if seeking first 12 clear
(Speed Changes, Scales)
Regular, Random 12.0 -- -- --
Ryujin 1P Find a comfortable HS for the 191 BPM 2nd half either through FHS or by cutting your 93 BPM HS in half. Random will make the final fast scale + scratching section more manageable. Be careful not to take the streams faster than necessary. Good 1st 12 NC/HC.
(Speed Changes, Scales, Difficult End)
Random 12.0 12.0 -- 12.0
Catastrophe 1P If this is your first clear: use floating HS, just mash the scales, and don't miss the last note and drop to 74%. The last note is a 1+3+5+7+S.
(Speed Changes, Scales)
Random, R-Random 12.0 12.2 -- --
Zed. 1P Remember to halve your F.HS after the early chords! Good early 12, but prioritize the keys at last scales and prepare for the final chord on NOR. Or RAN for easier endings/harder early chords.
(Scratching, Speed Changes, Scales, Chords)
Regular, Random 12.1 12.1 -- 12.0
RSMAX 1P (Speed Changes, Scales, Chords) Random 12.0 -- -- --
xlvr 1P this isn't really hard at all.
(Speed Changes, Scales, Chords)
Random 11.8 11.8 -- 11.6
enojy 1P Easier 12 for those who can handle the speed. EXHC/FC tactic that works for me: play beginning at normal GN, hold start and push white key five times in the break before speedup to end up at a close-enough GN for the rest without breaking combo to float.
(Speed Changes, Scales, Difficult End)
Random 11.9 12.1 12.3 11.9
coregee 2P with floating high speed, this is pretty much an 11 now.
(Speed Changes, Rolls, Chords)
Regular, Random, Mirror 11.8 12.0 -- --
8man 1P Chart is super straightforward and advice is already laid out perfectly here. Potential first 12 clear and barely ever gets that dense.
(Speed Changes, Scales)
Random 11.8 -- -- --