Burning Heat! (Full Option Mix) [SPA] 7★ Tough, mostly 12th note chart that could pass for an 8. HC attempts will be tricky due to several jack parts (scratch-side or chords w/scratches in between) & several 24ths. Add right-to-left scales, & expect the right hand to do a lot. EXHC = ~9.5.
(Scratching, Jacks, Scales, Chords)
Regular 7.9 8.5 9.0 8.5
十六夜セツナ [SPA] 10★ Chord-based 10☆ w/several tough CN parts & several roll bursts. Patterns will make you hold a CN & hit adjacent notes several times regardless of option; rolls tend to be clean on Normal/Mirror. End recovery makes for a good early 10☆ NC chance.
(Charge Notes, Scales, Chord Scales, Chords)
Regular, Mirror 10.1 10.3 11.2 10.3
超青少年ノ為ノ超多幸ナ超古典的超舞曲 [SPA] 11★ The 2 major challenges are: 1) the constant 16th note scaling with 8th note 2-note chords (at 150 BPM), & 2) the middle 2-note rolls, which can help or hinder depending on the pattern. M49 beyond can give you lots of recovery for NC if you're good at (1).
(Scales, Rolls, Chords, Difficult Middle)
Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 11.3 11.4 12.2 11.3
Amor De Verão [SPA] 11★ The end containing 24th trills & several jacks, w/nasty 1267 12th jacks at the very end are the toughest, but otherwise the song is lighter for an 11 & if you can clear the hardest 10s this can be done as a first 11. Just avoid rushing the end jacks.
(Jacks, Scales, Trills, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Mirror 10.9 10.9 11.7 11.2
MIRACLE MEETS [SPA] 11★ One of the easiest 11☆ NCs; even if you miss the CNs & BSSs you often get more life gain from the provided chords (hardest in M58-59). CN/BSS misses add up on HC/EXHC though; as your skill improves, try to hit these & aim for higher clear status.
(Charge Notes, Chords, Difficult Middle)
Regular, Mirror 10.6 11.3 12.0 10.0
I Was The One (80's EUROBEAT STYLE) [SPH] 6★ 1-Dan's ender - starts with a tricky 16th scale to the right (tough for HC/EXHC), then throws in scratches during several 16th patterns late - non-scratching hand will be tested. Rest is mostly 4th/8th patterns, which helps save bar until the tough parts.
(Scratching, Scales, Chords)
Regular, Mirror 6.8 7.5 8.0 7.4
Devil's Gear [SPH] 10★ Many chords & mini-16th rolls & runs throughout with occasional scratching & a pause in the middle. Nonrandom requires hitting the 1 key a lot during the end; be careful not to BAD chain this. Random can also help in changing out keys for the 2-note rolls.
(Rolls, Chords)
Regular, Random 10.4 10.4 11.1 10.4
THE CUBE [SPA] 7★ Here you play the bassline instead! Expect a lot of short and fast 16th bursts, but they're separated and repeated enough that after 2-3 tries your fingers will get comfortable. Also there's a few early jacks, but they don't affect the rating much.
(Jacks, Rolls)
Regular, Mirror 7.3 7.3 7.9 7.4
Come With Me [SPA] 6★ Chart has various 2-/3-note chords & small 16th skip sections; challenging parts occur in the start w/a 16th scratch part & notes on 1 & 3 (better w/Mirror) as well as the middle's awkward jack patterns. Outro chords lighten up a very technical 6☆.
(Scratching, Jacks, Chords)
Mirror 6.8 7.5 8.0 7.5
thunder [SPA] 9★ Song contains some chord skips to start the song, middle & end involving stream with a chord every beat, & a breather before each stream starts. While slower & technically lighter, the number of notes in those streams will provide a decent stamina test.
(Chord Scales, Chords)
Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 9.5 9.5 10.2 9.6
BRILLIANT 2U [SPN] 3★ Many single notes throughout, but on offbeats so until you know the song the rhythm can be confusing. Add a stretch with some 16th rhythms in the middle, and an ending w/2-note chords, & it adds up to a very tough 3☆ pushing into 4☆ territory.
(Scales, Chords)
Regular 4.2 4.5 5.0 4.2
celebrate [SPA] 8★ Early charting syndrome shows here: expect a lot of small 16th skips & rough jack parts, including in scales and in & out of chords. However, there are several breaks & a lighter chord outro where you can get back 20-30%. Be wary of the final chords.
(Jacks, Scales, Chords)
Regular, Random, S-Random, R-Random, Mirror 8.5 8.7 9.7 8.8
COSMIC☆WONDER☆REVOLUTION [SPA] 9★ Good starter 9☆ chord song with lots of 2, 3, and 4-note chords and few adjacent notes, which will make good use of both hands. Several 24th notes also occur around the middle. At 152 BPM, consider this a step up from the trigger of innocence SPA.
(Trills, Chords)
Regular, Mirror 9.1 9.2 9.9 9.1
Konzert V [SPH] 10★ Passing depends on roll skill - patterns include 35-17, 34-16 & 1-57, 13-7. Rest of the chart is mostly 2-note chords, scales towards the left, & occasional trills. Ending lightens up the rolls/notes allowing for 20-40% recovery on normal gauge.
(Scales, Rolls, Chords)
Regular, R-Random 10.3 10.4 11.1 10.4
冬椿 ft. Kanae Asaba [SPA] 10★ Good 9☆-10☆ transition song w/a few themes: 1) chords & 8th stream, 2) scratch+chords involving the 1 key, and 3) some scaling in the middle; nail the end blue key roll+scratches & scale to pass. Watch for a 13 roll before the chorus.
(Scratching, Scales, Chords)
Regular, Mirror 10.1 10.2 10.8 10.2
Steel Edge [SPA] 12★ Toughest parts are Hell BSS+16th stream & 16th scratches & near the end w/long HCNs in stream or chords. However, the rest of the chart is mainly chords & several rolls, & the end HCNs also give back a lot of gauge, making this a likely 1st 12 NC.
(Scratching, Charge Notes, Scales, Rolls, Chords)
Regular 11.8 12.1 -- 11.8
TOGAKUSHI [SPH] 10★ Hell Charge Notes & rolls aplenty. Trouble spots are a long roll near the start, HCN sections involving long holds (which can be both a plus or minus to your gauge), & several 13 rolls near the end on the Regular chart, which may be easier as 57 on Mirror.
(Charge Notes, Rolls)
Regular, Mirror 10.3 10.5 11.4 10.6
GAMBOL [SPN] 1★ Hard for a 1☆ thanks to a few chords, scratch+note parts, & several 16th skips. Decent gauge gain is possible on the end 1 key 8th note outro, which eases the start difficulty somewhat.
(Scratching, Jacks, Chords, Difficult Beginning)
Regular, Mirror 1.5 2.0 2.7 2.0
GAMBOL [SPH] 1★ Actually identical to the SPN chart w/timing that often gives Goods for anything below PGreat making recovery harder. Song features a few chords (+ 2 scratch+note parts!) + 16th skips; barely a 1☆ still thanks to gauge gain on the end 1 key 8th note outro.
(Scratching, Jacks, Chords, Difficult Beginning)
Regular, Mirror 1.9 2.5 3.0 3.0
RAIN [SPH] 9★ Lighter 9☆ featuring a variety of ascending & descending scales, with a few chords thrown into them during the 2nd half. CNs appear but don't add to difficulty too much, so clearing/scoring comes down to scale skill & which option suits you best.
(Charge Notes, Scales, Chord Scales)
Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 9.1 9.1 9.8 9.1
Quakes [SPH] 10★ 8th note chords, 1-e-and 16th patterns, & scales going right to left dominate the 1st half - difficulty rating spikes at the end; watch out for 16th rolls on 17-35, 15-24, & 17-46, and heavy scratching+left-handed 8th note patterns.
(Scales, Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, R-Random, Mirror 10.7 10.8 11.6 10.8
Beat Juggling Mix [SPH] 9★ BPMs: 105->94->188; you can either halve your 94 BPM speed at the speedup or use FHS at each change (reset the FHS on beat 3 of the 1st fast measure). Scratch parts at start & end are both tricky & prey to BAD chains, & 13-57 rolls can also be trouble.
(Scratching, Speed Changes, Rolls, Chords)
Regular, R-Random, Mirror 9.7 10.0 11.0 10.0
(This Is Not) The Angels [SPA] 11★ Speed changes: 1) 98 BPM parts - play the notes as 130 BPM 16ths, 2) 33 BPM stops - scratch patterns go "1-e-and, 2." Once you get the stops, passing depends on the chord streams, toughest at the end w/scratch+3-4 note hits to varying 2-note patterns.
(Speed Changes, Chords, Difficult End)
Random 11.1 11.2 11.9 11.4
OOO [SPA] 10★ Good starter 10☆ with a consistent 8th note rhythm & 16th chord skips & a few smaller roll series. Density increases late in the song but also eases up a little at the very end, & almost any option can be used with similar success.
Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 10.0 10.0 10.7 9.8
chrono diver -fragment- [SPN] 3★ Light & separated 4th & 8th notes for most of the song, until the 2nd half where there are several 8th note 1-3-5-7/2-4-6 staircases, & at 185 BPM will be daunting the 1st time through. End can offer ~10% recovery, but will likely be a late 3☆ clear.
(Scales, Chords)
Regular, Mirror 4.0 4.5 5.0 3.5
Selfish Sweet [SPA] 9★ Slow but tricky w/a constant swung rhythm, plenty of 24ths, and a variety of chord, small scale, & scratch patterns. The beginning can make or break HC/EXHC tries with early 16th & 24th scratches, but lightens up near the middle & end.
(Scratching, Scales, Chords)
Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 9.4 9.6 10.4 9.8
Steel Edge [SPH] 8★ Consistent 8th notes & mostly 2-note chords w/several 16th rolls. Main difficulty lies in holding HCNs during 8th note sections so be sure to cover keys properly. Even so, a lot of meter gain is possible from the end HCNs making this an easier 8☆.
(Charge Notes, Chord Scales, Rolls)
Regular, Mirror 7.8 8.0 8.5 8.0
GET READY!! [SPA] 11★ Tricky chart variety in 3-note chords for a lot of the song, a half-speed middle (no good FHS/HS change points so GET READY), CN sections at start & after the middle (watch out for CNs w/offset ends & while rolling), & end stream scales.
(Speed Changes, Charge Notes, Scales, Chords)
Regular, Mirror 11.4 11.5 12.4 11.5
Snakey Kung-fu [SPH] 10★ Easier 10☆ w/tricky parts coming from the start stream, 16th skips involving note to note+scratch (& vice versa), some scales, & HCNs, combining these w/scaling near the end. Random can ease the scales if you can handle the end HCNs w/scales.
(Scratching, Charge Notes, Scales)
Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 10.0 10.1 10.8 9.9
esrev:eR [SPA] 9★ Tough 9☆ - watch for 16-4 & 1-3 rolls at the start, an 8-measure middle dense stream, & 14-36 & 26-47 16th chord skips at the end. Lighter end allows for about 14-16% recovery. Chart is fairly lefthanded so most non-Regular options are good.
(Rolls, Chords)
Random, R-Random, Mirror 9.8 10.0 10.7 9.7
BroGamer [SPH] 9★ Fast chords, mostly 8th note stream w/bass on 1 every downbeat. The 1st half, middle, & end ramp it up w/ 3/4 note chords and parts w/scratch+2- & 3-note chords. HC may be possible 1st if you survive the middle & carry enough Hard gauge at the end.
(Scratching, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Mirror 9.7 9.7 10.5 9.6
紫陽花 -AZISAI- [SPA] 12★ Fair stream density needing good chord hits & comfort moving to scratch throughout them. Chart is also littered w/small 24th chord scales that last until near the end w/some recovery. Watch for these, the 4-note CN hold, & scratches when going for the HC.
(Scratching, Jacks, Chord Scales, Trills, Chords)
Regular, Mirror 12.4 12.6 -- 12.5
焱影 [SPA] 12★ A slow but tricky scratch song that will vary in passing depending on the ability to handle scratches & notes/chord stream simultaneously, w/irregular middle & end 24th scratching that can create BAD chains & will bleed both normal & hard gauges.
(Scratching, Chord Scales, Difficult Middle)
Regular, Random 12.8 12.8 -- 12.7
Reflux [SPH] 9★ Middle contains a long 16th scale & several parts with a BSS+CN show up in the middle & end. Rest of the chart features bits of chords, CNs, & rolls but won't feel too rough if you can do hard 8s - passing largely comes down to the scale & end BSS+CNs.
(Scratching, Charge Notes, Scales, Rolls, Chords)
Regular, Mirror 9.1 9.0 9.7 9.0
Mare Nectaris [SPH] 10★ Toughest parts are the start & end w/16th & 24th glissandos (at 256 BPM!) in addition to 8th jacks on 1. Mirror & Random move these jacks away, but hit light & quick on this 10 - one of the hardest in the game. (Note: Raised to 11☆ in Cannon Ballers)
(Jacks, Scales, Trills)
Random, Mirror 11.2 11.2 12.0 11.4
5.1.1. [SPA] 10★ Awkward scratching within 8th & 16th note stream & tough rolls at start & end (5-7, 5-6, 6-7) - right hand will be busy. Random can shift these, & S-Random can break them & make the chart a 202BPM chord fest (which it effectively is). Don't rush the rolls.
(Scratching, Scales, Rolls, Chords)
Regular, Random, S-Random, R-Random 10.4 10.4 11.0 10.4
The Commanders [SPA] 10★ Pretty straightforward, 8th note chord chart, w/emphasis on 1-3 chords & sustained hits on same notes. Tricky HC/EXHC points: 1) 16th scratches at start, 2) 17-35 roll after the middle - R-Random can help give a favorable roll here.
(Rolls, Chords)
Regular, R-Random 10.1 10.2 10.8 10.1
Triple Counter [SPH] 10★ Mostly 2-note chord -> 1-note 8th notes at a fast 216 BPM, with parts going into and out of scratches. Watch the 4-note chords near the end and don't get overwhelmed by the fast 16ths.
(Scratching, Charge Notes, Chords)
Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 10.5 10.5 11.1 10.4
Seize the Day [SPA] 10★ As said, whole song features different chord sections - chords in stream, jack chords, then jack chords & charge notes. Easier outro can give about 14%-16% gauge back. Use Regular; Random hardens the end CN+chord section & Mirror produces a nasty 1-2 roll.
(Jacks, Charge Notes, Chord Scales, Chords)
Regular 10.4 10.7 11.5 10.4
On My Wings(Hardstyle IIDX) [SPA] 10★ Mostly tamer 8th note stream; tough spots are an early 2-3 12th roll, short right-handed staircases & scratches & left-hand parts (1-2 rolls, S+1->3->S+1 & RH-note->S->LH-note 16ths). Non-Regular options ease this & a lot of end recovery is possible.
(Scratching, Scales, Chords)
Random, R-Random, Mirror 10.0 10.1 10.6 10.0
Umbral [SPA] 10★ Starts w/9☆-level chord scale density & then picks up in the 2nd half, broken up by several scratch+3-note chords. 2 rolls w/2-note chords occur in the middle & very end, w/the latter being mostly left-handed; if tough, Mirror can swap this to the right.
(Chord Scales, Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 10.0 10.0 10.7 10.0
Nowhere [SPH] 8★ 1st half is mostly short 16th streams starting & ending in 2-note chords, then a long breather. Afterwards, watch out for a 4-measure scale & several left-sided jacks & 24th note bursts. Ending offers some gauge back, but be wary of a few jacks.
(Jacks, Scales, Chords)
Regular, Mirror 8.6 8.7 9.4 8.7
駅猫のワルツ [SPH] 10★ Tough tough 10☆ - plays like a 141 BPM stream chart w/the equivalent of 32nd trill sections in the middle & near the end that will hurt HC/EXHC attempts. Try to play lightly on the trill notes - if needed, you can also hit close notes as staggered chords.
(Scales, Trills)
Regular, Mirror 10.9 11.1 11.7 11.4
ZEPHYRANTHES [SPA] 11★ Left-sided scales dominate this fast stamina chart w/sparse chords & breaks only in the middle & near the end. Several tricky patterns w/stream & scratching also occur at start & end, w/a final single-note roll to close. Will feel rough when starting 11s.
(Scratching, Scales, Rolls, Chords)
Regular, Random 11.5 11.6 12.4 11.6
Angelic Jelly [SPH] 9★ Steady fast stamina tester - mostly 9☆-level 8th note chords & 16th skips to chords, w/challenging rolls (mostly 1-7 or 7-1) at parts. Be careful w/these especially at the very end; Hard gauge can help if you feel confident w/the chords but not the rolls.
(Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Mirror 9.5 9.5 10.2 9.5
ALIEN TEMPLE [SPA] 8★ Jacks are littered all over this tough 8☆, w/several jacks-to-scratch+chord parts. All nonrandom options preferred to separate scratch & jacks. Nailing M59-66 is key to passing - recovery is possible the last 8 measures if you hit clean & don't Bad chain.
(Jacks, Chords)
Random, S-Random, Mirror 9.0 9.5 10.0 9.5
Colorful Cookie [SPH] 10★ CC [H] features lots of 8th note chords which are mostly spaced out & good for chord practice on any option minus S-Random - this also affects the bass key placement in M55-56. The 8 16th scratches in M28 can make HC/EXHC a bit tricky. Good first 10 NC/HC.
(Scratching, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Random, Mirror 10.0 10.0 10.3 9.6
Indigo Vision(full flavour hide around mix) [SPA] 8★ Tough 8☆ w/survival dependent on the 8-measure "1-e-and" jack parts early and near the end (on 1 & 3 respectively). Random suggested to clear notes away from scratches at these parts, S-Random to ease these parts but making the rest a tad tougher.
(Jacks, Chords)
Random, S-Random 8.8 9.3 9.9 9.0
four-leaf [SPA] 8★ Passing depends on the ability to handle the rolls throughout, then handling tough chord scales in M37 and M45, likely your first exposure to them in 8☆/9☆ charts. One of the hardest 8☆ NCs/HCs/EXHCs in the game. (EXHC: 10.6)
(Chord Scales, Rolls, Difficult Middle)
Regular, Random 9.2 10.0 10.0 9.5
¡Viva! [SPA] 10★ Fun & fairly tame 10☆. Tricky parts are 12th beats throughout, CNs while playing chords in the middle, and trickier 3-/4-note chord stream patterns at the end. It's slow however; if the end trips you up, HC may be a little easier with enough end gauge.
(Charge Notes, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 10.1 10.0 10.7 10.0
SWEETEST SAVAGE† [SPA] 11★ Scratching while hitting jacks is the tough part of the chart - expect your non-scratch hand to do a lot of work, especially at M7 (S+jack), M34 (jacks to S), & the killer M50 at the end w/8th note S+chords. Random recommended to remove S+1 patterns.
(Scratching, Jacks, Chords, Difficult End)
Random, S-Random, R-Random 11.2 11.1 11.8 11.1
Blue Spring Express [SPH] 10★ Starts with 8th note stream before 24ths trickle in, & then picks up near the end w/quick 16th scratches, a tricky scratch & chord stream, & a final staircase to the left ending on 16th scratches. Said stream will make or break your NC/HC attempts.
(Scratching, Scales, Difficult End)
Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 10.6 10.6 11.4 10.5
AO-1 [SPA] 12★ (Scratching, Charge Notes, Rolls, Chords, Difficult End) Regular, Random, Mirror 12.8 12.8 -- 12.6
Monopole. [SPA] 12★ (Charge Notes, Scales, Chord Scales, Trills, Rolls, Chords) Regular, R-Random, Mirror 12.9 -- -- 13.1
Snake Stick [SPA] 12★ (Scratching, Rolls, Chords) Regular, Random, Mirror 12.9 -- -- 12.9
ELECTRIC MASSIVE DIVER [SPA] 12★ (Jacks, Charge Notes, Chords) Regular, Random 12.7 12.7 -- 12.5
Godspeed [SPA] 12★ (Jacks, Charge Notes, Scales, Chord Scales, Chords) Regular, Random 12.8 -- -- --
DIAMOND CROSSING [SPA] 12★ (Charge Notes, Chord Scales, Chords) Regular, Random 13.0 -- -- 13.3
FANTASTIC THREE [SPA] 12★ (Scratching, Scales, Chord Scales, Rolls) Regular, Random 12.6 12.8 -- 12.9
The Limbo [SPA] 12★ (Scales, Chord Scales, Rolls, Chords) Regular, Random, R-Random 13.0 -- -- --
Devilz Staircase [SPA] 12★ (Scales, Chord Scales, Rolls, Chords) Random 12.9 -- -- --
Sounds Of Summer [SPA] 12★ Difficulty lies in constant 16th 2-note rolls that span all keys, so you can't rely solely on being good at just right/left-handed rolls. Watch out for random jacks & make sure to quickly reset if you start a BAD chain.
(Jacks, Rolls, Chords)
Regular, Random, R-Random 12.6 12.7 -- 12.7
#MAGiCVLGiRL_TRVP_B3VTZ [SPA] 12★ Plays like a 200 BPM chord song that lasts with very little breaks. While timing is generous, the dense chords/trill ending makes it tough to clear until about mid-12 range - would be closer to 12.5/12.6 if not for the end.
(Charge Notes, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular 12.8 12.8 -- 12.4
それは花火のような恋 [SPA] 12★ Fairly dense chart w/a constant 182 BPM stream of mostly chord scales, but also throws in scratches, chords & random 24ths to test the bar, especially in the middle for Hard gauge. Random spreads out chord scales if scaling to the right causes issues.
(Scratching, Chord Scales, Chords)
Regular, Random 12.6 12.8 -- 12.8
千年ノ理 [SPA] 12★ This song tests your 4-note chord & scale skills, especially at the end where a long scale run ends with the densest pattern. Still, at 153 BPM if you're comfortable with upper 11-level density this isn't much tougher, and can be a first 12 NC/HC.
(Scales, Chord Scales, Chords)
Regular, Random 12.0 12.0 12.7 11.7
Miracle 5ympho X [SPA] 10★ Textbook chart for a tough 10☆, focusing mostly on the 210 BPM 2 and 3 note chords, with a few 16th streams, CNs/BSSs, and an end roll for a surprise. Unlike Ryu 10☆ chord songs, many here are adjacent-note chords, so be prepared.
(Scratching, Charge Notes, Rolls, Chords)
Regular, Mirror 10.9 11.1 11.8 10.9
Sweet Clapper [SPA] 10★ Easiest SPA 10☆, possible to clear at mid-9 level. The song's trickiness is in chords w/some scratching, but no chords are larger than 3 notes & the song ends with 9☆-level 8th note chords, followed by an outro than can build back a lot of gauge.
(Scratching, Chords)
Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 9.4 9.4 10.0 9.0
Harmony and Lovely [SPA] 11★ Clear is decided mostly by the middle, with many roll patterns between fingers & chances for BAD chains if not done cleanly. Lots of smaller stream to the end which can build the bar back up from around 30% (NC). Ran/R-Ran gives favorable rolls.
(Rolls, Difficult Middle)
Random, R-Random, Mirror 11.0 11.3 11.9 11.0
FAKE TIME [SPH] 11★ Plays like a 9☆ w/200 BPM 8th notes & chords & then escalates at the end w/2 fast trills (~19ths) followed by a 12th note chord scale; scoring is easy but clearing is rough. If you can handle the trills, go for the HC 1st. Random pushes the trills off 5-7.
(Chord Scales, Trills, Chords, Difficult End)
Random 11.8 11.6 -- 10.5
炸裂!イェーガー電光チョップ!! [SPA] 11★ Start 11☆ stream punches your meter right away & can be BAD chained if not careful; middle allows for good meter gain before the end with scratches thrown in w/a 16th stream. Random recommended as it tends to take away awkward left-handed rolls.
(Scratching, Chords)
Random 11.2 11.2 11.8 11.2
Clione† [SPA] 11★ Similar to its 9☆ Another w/extra landmines: 1) beginning & end chord scales, 2) middle chord streams, 3) end CNs littered w/tricky patterns. Clear relies on ability to hold the end 7 CN & handle chord stream (NC), or handling the chart up to then (HC).
(Charge Notes, Chord Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular 11.2 11.2 -- 11.0
V [SPA] 12★ Many rolls throughout w/a deadly 1357/246 denim roll & chord scales just before the end. Be sure to tackle rolls evenly to avoid excess BAD/POORs. R-Ran tends to stack rolls on each side & can result in an early 12☆ clear depending on roll skill.
(Jacks, Chord Scales, Denim, Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 12.3 12.4 -- 12.1
Set U Free feat. Kanae Asaba [SPA] 10★ A long buildup to the middle has 2- and 3-note roll chords which are very tough for a 10 and HC/EXHC lamps. After the buildup though, there are lots of 16th skips to chords, which can build your bar from even 2%. Random/R-Random tend to remove tough rolls.
(Scales, Chord Scales, Rolls, Chords, Difficult Middle)
Random, R-Random 10.1 10.9 11.6 10.7
Line 4 Ruin [SPH] 9★ Easier 9☆ chart w/many 2- and 3-note chords w/some adjacent chords thrown in, and some smaller 16th streams w/chords - the toughest ones occur 1/4 and 3/4 in. Halfway in are a few 12421 snake scales, which may be easier for your right hand on Mirror.
(Scales, Chords)
Regular, Mirror 9.0 9.0 9.6 9.0
BRILLIANT 2U [SPA] 4★ Similar to the tough SPH chart with more middle notes added before the tough M33 6☆ scale, and awkward 16th jacks at M9 and M16 & M40 (12-2-1-2), making an already underleveled 4☆ even tougher. EXHC difficulty is closer to 6.5-7.0.
(Scales, Chords)
Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 5.7 6.0 6.0 5.2
BRILLIANT 2U [SPH] 4★ There are HUGE landmines in the scales in M26-33 & several 2- & 3-note chords in the last 2 measures, with a complicated 16th note scale in M33 that pushes the 6☆ level. This absolutely does not deserve to be a 4☆ & EXHC difficulty is closer to 6.5-7.0.
(Scales, Chords)
Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 5.5 5.7 6.0 5.0
connective [SPA] 8★ A slow but decent technical 8☆ w/a little bit of all patterns. Tricky spots in the middle & end include 2- & 3-note chord skips, right-hand reverse scales, and 12th note jacks. Random/Mirror can change the scales more to your liking.
(Jacks, Scales, Chords)
Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 8.3 8.4 8.8 8.3
BLOCKS [SPA] 11★ Very hard 11 to NC/HC. 2 significant chord-roll walls occur in the middle (M24-25) & end (M47-50), w/jacks intensity raised in the 2nd half & end wall. For NC survive this wall w/50%+. Use Random unless you like 12 or 67 rolls.
(Jacks, Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Random, R-Random 11.9 11.9 12.7 11.7
ΕΛΠΙΣ [SPA] 12★ Constant 16th runs, sprinkled 4-note chords and a few 24ths at the end will test your stamina. Both the NC/HC become easier as your skill increases. Use the middle break to focus on the song speed before the 2nd half stream. Watch the dense end measure!
(Scales, Chord Scales, Chords)
Random, R-Random 12.2 12.2 -- 12.6
R5 [SPA] 11★ A LONG 16th roll near the start can break your bar (& HC attempts), but past it is mostly 8th note 3- and 4-note chords similar to 10s w/a dense push at the end. If your jackhammer ability is good, SRan will turn the roll into easier stream + jacks.
(Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Random, S-Random, R-Random 11.1 11.1 11.5 10.3
Attack the music [SPN] 1★ This chart has over 100 notes but most are quarter notes on 1 and 5 keys w/sparse scratching, so the rhythm should be fairly easy to follow. You'll also get some experience reading & getting used to 8th note and 16th note spacing. Regular 1.5 1.5 1.7 1.5
chrono diver -fragment-† [SPA] 10★ Much like the Another but w/more chords, some w/3 and 4 notes. On Regular most notes are evenly spaced, and w/decent end recovery this is a bit tamer vs. other 10☆ chord songs. Be wary of the 8th note chord jack (M40-41) on the 1 key & sparse 24ths.
(Denim, Chords)
Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 10.3 10.3 10.6 10.0
アルストロメリア [SPH] 8★ Trickiest parts are scratch+notes on offbeat 16ths, & the short piano scales in M32-39 & M58-65. You can mess these up & still clear the song from around 60% though if you get the simple 8th note stream at the end down (similar to the beginning).
(Scratching, Scales)
Regular, Random, Mirror 8.0 8.0 8.6 8.2
革命 [SPN] 6★ Very easy for a 6 - plays like a 5 for most of the song w/occasional 16th skips to S+1+7 and a 16th jack on 1+7 at the very end. If the 1+7s are tricky, Random might offer better jacks. Otherwise, not a 6.
(Jacks, Speed Changes)
Regular, Random, Mirror 5.2 5.2 5.5 5.2
bass 2 bass [SPA] 10★ All of the rap is mapped to scratches! You can Genocide clear this w/good chords/denim skill the last 8 measures. On HC, you have to learn the scratches. Mirror helps making pesky 1 keys & 1-3 rolls w/scratches 7 keys & 7-5 rolls. 1Ps, don't use Regular.
(Scratching, Denim, Chords)
Mirror 10.6 11.0 -- 11.1
もっと!モット!ときめき feat. 松下 [SPA] 11★ Tons of 24th and 32nd scales litter the middle & end of the song (at 185 BPM no less!). On any options hope for favorable 32nds, but you can also hit these as staggered 4-note chords. Be sure to nail the final scratching + 16ths too.
(Scratching, Scales, Trills)
Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 11.8 11.9 -- 12.4
Broken [SPA] 12★ Similar to AA [A] in its stream density & multitude of chords all throughout. While slower than AA, the density is much heavier w/very little breaking once you get to the song middle, & the hard end will likely crash you as you're working to clear this.
(Scales, Rolls, Chords)
Random, R-Random 12.6 12.7 -- 12.6
GAIA [SPH] 10★ Toughest parts for HC are the "snaking" scales (M43-M50) & rolls + chord scaling in M66, & the rest is a speed / stamina test for those in the mid-10s. Your option tends to make either the scales (Random) or the rolls (Normal/Mirror) easier, but not both.
(Scales, Rolls)
Regular, Random, Mirror 10.5 10.7 11.3 10.7
Beginning of life [SPN] 1★ Possibly the easiest 1☆ for SP Normal. There are a few offbeat notes, but it has under 60 notes with no 2-note chords, & the end alternates between the 3 & 7 keys for 7 measures, so this seems to fit the description of "the" 1.0 song. Welcome to IIDX!
(Difficult Middle)
Regular, Random, S-Random, R-Random, Mirror 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.0
four pieces of heaven [SPA] 11★ One of the hardest 11s in the game. Mastery of scratches + scales is key; the middle will give you some recovery before more scales + scratches. The early half is surprisingly dense & makes for a very hard time w/HC & score.
(Scales, Chord Scales)
Random 11.9 12.3 -- 12.6
THE EARTH LIGHT† [SPA] 10★ Difficulty is all in the long 2-note chords & jacks series in the middle & end - either you can do them or not. If you can, this can be cleared midway into 10s; if not so much, the middle can wreck your bar and make this a very hard 10.
(Jacks, Chord Scales)
Random, S-Random 10.8 10.9 11.5 10.8
Sweet Radar [SPA] 10★ Good starter 10☆ which tests your ability to handle 2-note chords all throughout, with some 24ths here and there. The difficulty and density is constant throughout, and thanks to the rhythm is generous for scoring too.
(Trills, Chords)
Regular, Random 10.0 10.1 10.5 10.0
Todestrieb [SPA] 12★ The timing of the scales & messy chord streams is important, & as said even if you fumble the middle CNs you have enough to rebuild the bar to the end. Recognizing many different chords will help as you overcome the speed & stamina of the song.
(Charge Notes, Scales, Chord Scales, Chords)
Regular, Random 12.3 12.5 -- 12.4
quick master (reform version) [SPN] 1★ Candidate for a good starter 1☆; only one chord and a scratch + note are in the song, & a lot of notes & scratches are spaced out by a full measure, which should help you get used to finger placement & recognizing keys. Regular, Random, S-Random, R-Random, Mirror 1.2 1.2 1.5 1.2
snow storm† [SPA] 12★ This is an entry-level 12 but depends on your ability to hit many 2-note chords & chord scales in extended streams. If you're entering 12s, you will have stamina challenges in the first half (HC) & the end (NC). The slow speed somewhat offsets the density.
(Scales, Chord Scales, Chords)
Random 12.1 12.1 12.7 12.2
Battle Train -IIDX Edition- [SPH] 10★ This was re-rated to 10☆ for Copula, but the density level & minimal landmines (some 24ths & 32nds at the start & end) don't really warrant it if you can do harder 9s. Still, the song is a lot of 16th skip streams, & at 1300+ notes will test your stamina.
(Scales, Trills)
Regular, Random 9.6 9.7 10.2 9.7
夜のサングラス [SPA] 8★ Tougher 8☆ based on a small amount of everything from jacks to chords to an end with jacks, chords, and simultaneous scratches. There's also a tough roll in M29 that could disrupt a HC/EXHC. Focus on hitting the jacks cleanly.
(Jacks, Scales, Chords)
Random 8.8 8.8 9.3 8.8
AA [SPA] 12★ AA [A] marks a benchmark for getting into mid-level 12s - passing requires reading & having stamina for a constant song full of chords & chord scales, though you get a breather in the middle. The beginning is denser and is a landmine for HC.
(Scales, Chord Scales)
Random 12.5 12.6 -- 12.6
打打打打打打打打打打 [SPA] 11★ A slower version of Gold Rush [A]'s chord skip streams + Vanessa [H]'s triplet sections, with chord jacks in M50-59. Those jacks can hurt but the bulk of the song is the chords & the end has enough recovery from 50% (NC) if you follow the constant rhythm.
(Jacks, Scales, Chords)
Regular 11.4 11.5 11.8 11.4
9 o'clocks [SPA] 8★ Very slow but filled with mid-8☆ 12th chords and 24th notes. Thus, success & score really depends on how well you handle the swing rhythm, especially with the end sequence of 24th notes. But remember, it's only 95 BPM! Don't rush!
Regular, Random 8.6 8.7 9.2 8.7
Beyond The Earth [SPA] 11★ A fairly streamy 11 with tricky scratches thrown in during chords (middle/end) + some occasional roll/trill sections in the middle. It feels around a mid-11, having a lot of tricky elements, and HC gets tougher as it's easy to get random misses.
(Scratching, Jacks, Trills, Chords)
Random 11.5 11.7 -- 11.9
Don't Stop The Music feat.森高千里 [SPA] 9★ As deogenerate mentioned it has a little bit of scratching, chords, and jacks, but is slow enough (110 BPM) not to be overwhelming at any one point. If you can handle these skills on 8s, this could be a good first 9.
(Scratching, Jacks, Chords)
Regular, Random 8.9 8.9 9.3 8.8
Love Is Eternity [SPA] 11★ The bulk of the song features 10-level scales with occasional 2-note chords, and ends with an 11-level chord scale final measure. With a large break in the middle, it's likely to get the HC before the NC, & once you get the ending the NC shortly after.
(Scales, Chord Scales, Difficult End)
Random 11.0 10.9 11.4 10.6
The Smile of You [SPA] 8★ Easier than most 8s & a candidate for a 1st 8 clear. The tricky parts of the song are occasional 4-note chords (+ scratches at the end), but the rest is mostly 8th note chords & sections that repeat over 4 measures apiece, combined with a lower BPM.
(Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Random, Mirror 7.7 7.7 8.1 7.0
D [SPA] 11★ One of the hardest 11s in the game. You'll need to read the 1st 120 BPM part comfortably and survive the speedup (for HC), adjust HS to 175 BPM stream, & readjust again to 120 BPM & hit tough jack sequences with chords & scratching (for NC). Good luck!
(Scratching, Jacks, Speed Changes, Scales, Rolls, Chords)
Random 12.0 11.9 -- 12.2
Abyss -The Heavens Remix-† [SPA] 11★ Much harder than the Another! Much of the song is now a roll to 3 & 4 note chord fest, with a break only in the middle, & with an end 8th note chord rush with 1 key bass & 4th note scratching. NC requires nailing the end; HC will test you on the rest.
(Rolls, Chords)
Regular, Mirror 11.9 11.9 -- 11.8
TIEFSEE [SPA] 12★ Fairly straightforward but somewhat fast chord streams and scales, with the densest stream and chord scaling in the 2nd half and right at the end. For NC the last 4 measures can boost your bar as much as 20%, with HC dependent on the end before that.
(Scales, Chord Scales, Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Random 12.5 12.6 -- 12.5
THE SAFARI [SPH] 10★ 7th Dan's ender & for good reason. Mirror and Random remove some tricky 6-7 rolls but you still must have a solid 10☆ foundation for hitting adjacent-note chords, jacks, & denim patterns cleanly to pass, moreso when going for HC/EXHC as each miss adds up.
(Jacks, Denim, Chords, Difficult End)
Random, Mirror 10.8 10.8 11.6 11.1
DXY! [SPA] 10★ Past M41 you get a lot of recovery and can genocide NC the song if you can do mid-10 streams and jacks. HC is another story due to the 16th jack series in M40-41 - you could be far into 11 NC/HCs before HCing this. Mir/Ran changes up some 3-2-1-2-3 scales.
(Jacks, Scales, Chord Scales, Difficult Middle)
Random, Mirror 10.7 11.7 -- 11.5
Ristaccia [SPA] 12★ Has some dense scales with scratches into 5-note chords in the middle, but is pretty tame until the near-end 12th jacks, which are tough on Normal (S+1). With Random, the real test comes in hitting chords, most with adjacent notes. Easier 12 to NC/HC.
(Jacks, Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Random 12.0 12.0 12.6 11.7
Logic Board [SPA] 11★ Similar to Kamikaze [A] featuring a lot of 16th stream skips into often adjacent-note 2, 3, and 4-note chords. Random moves most of the jacks off the 1 key as well as makes the end left-handed scale easier, but clearing depends on jack/chords skill.
(Jacks, Scales, Chords, Difficult End)
Random 10.9 11.0 11.4 10.8
PENDUAL TALISMAN [SPA] 11★ Ideally your HS should be set for the 150 BPM part since it's denser, but it's not too big of a deal. The 160 BPM part before is mostly 10-level chords, the end streams push only upper 10 level and the BSS can be passed up for a better NC/HC shot.
(Speed Changes, Charge Notes, Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Random 10.9 11.0 11.5 10.6
AFRO KNUCKLE [SPH] 8★ The song features 12th note jack bursts on S17, S24, S46, and S35, with the worst occurring 3/4 in and right at the end - easily one of the toughest 8s to NC. The rest of the chart is much less dense overall, so this should be easier to HC.
(Jacks, Trills, Difficult End)
Regular 8.9 8.8 9.4 8.7
Erosion Mark [SPA] 11★ The speed is the biggest factor (192 BPM) but the song has less than 1100 notes and the largest chord density / 16th sections occurs in the last 1/5 of the song. Good song as a first 11 NC/HC.
(Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Random 10.8 10.8 11.3 10.5
perditus†paradisus [SPH] 11★ Arguably a 12☆ on nonrandom. Passing this top-tier 11☆ requires not fumbling the beginning CNs, hitting constant 16th & 24th scales, & a very nasty end w/those scales + a few jacks. HC can be tough with the start CNs, but takes some pressure off the end.
(Jacks, Charge Notes, Scales, Trills, Rolls)
Random 11.9 11.9 -- 12.0
Blueberry Stream [SPA] 8★ The swung 24th rhythms are the challenge of this chart, including a 5-7 24th roll right at the end to ruin your NC day. The key to passing lies in the ability to handle this rhythm all throughout, as well as a few jacks and the chords in the middle.
(Jacks, Trills, Rolls, Chords)
Regular 8.9 9.0 9.6 9.3
D.A.N.C.E.! [SPA] 10★ A slower song where passing relies mostly on hitting the 24th notes throughout, especially the jacks, cleanly. M42-49 at the end also spike the difficulty with some tricky 3, 4, and 5 note chords. If you've passed Mr. T [A], give this step up a try.
(Scratching, Jacks, Chords)
Regular, Random, Mirror 10.2 10.3 10.8 10.7
Symmetry [SPA] 12★ The song tests your early 12☆ "1-2-3" chord scale skills, especially at the 2/3 mark. On nonrandom, there are Denim patterns too (symmetrical!). Somewhat dense, but after M71 you get 8 end measures to recover, so if you have 60% you'll NC it.
(Chord Scales, Denim, Chords)
Regular, Random 12.3 12.4 -- 12.4
黒髪乱れし修羅となりて [SPA] 12★ 3-note 16th chord jacks at the start can knock down your bar early, but past that this is the entry stream chart for 12s. The chart has mostly chord/chord scale patterns & rolls, and lots of them - good chart for practice as you improve.
(Jacks, Chord Scales, Rolls, Chords)
Regular, Random 12.2 12.3 12.9 12.2
INSOMNIA [SPH] 8★ The song features many 8☆ landmines including back-and-forth adjacent-note quick 16th scales in the middle, 16th scales in M84 & M92, & fast chords. Mirror/Random make some parts easier, others harder. 2nd half chords will decide passing this very hard 8☆.
(Scales, Rolls, Chords)
Regular 9.1 9.2 9.6 9.3
gigadelic [SPA] 12★ Very similar to the [H] chart with added chord notes, extra scratches during 12th chords, and an ending composed of all of this. A bit hard to NC, but similar to the [H], could be an early 12 HC since the 1st half is lighter and the worst is at the end.
(Scratching, Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Random 12.3 12.1 12.8 12.1
gigadelic [SPH] 12★ The ending 12th notes with 6-7 rolling + scratches & the 1-2 12th rolls at the beginning & middle are the big landmines. The 1st half has a simpler 12th note rhythm until then, so HC is likely before NC. Random recommended for better rolls.
(Scratching, Chord Scales, Rolls, Difficult End)
Random 12.2 12.0 12.6 11.8
CROSSROAD [SPA] 10★ Bulk 2 and 3-note chords with a few 4-note chords, with a particularly dense section in M56-59 ending in 4 16th scratches. If you have decent chord skill, you should be able to climb up from 50% to NC this. Watch the 4 16th scratches at the end!
(Chords, Difficult Middle)
Regular 10.0 10.0 10.3 9.7
Take It Easy [SPA] 11★ Easier 11 depending on your ability to tackle 1) the M74 5-7 roll with a few extra keys, 2) the fast chords, & 3) the end bass rush on key 7 (making NC a little harder than HC). Mirror flips each of these & could play to your better key strengths.
(Rolls, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Mirror 11.0 11.0 11.8 10.7
SPACE FIGHT [SPA] 11★ Features 16th stream skips from and into 3 & 4-note chords, jacks, and a dense stream section in M48-50. If your jack/chord skill is up to par with early 11s, the parts after M50 offer good recovery. Normal/Mirror/Random offer unique chords/jack patterns.
(Jacks, Chords, Difficult Middle)
Regular, Random, Mirror 11.2 11.3 11.9 11.3
We are Disっ娘よっつ打ち命 [SPA] 9★ A low bpm chart with small 16th skip streams, with the main hard part being 8th note scratches + 4th note 1 key in the middle and end - which can be circumvented with Mirror or Random. If this isn't an issue, this'll easily be a first 9 NC/HC.
(Scratching, Chords, Difficult End)
Random, Mirror 8.7 8.7 9.1 8.5
A [SPA] 12★ Find a comfortable HS for the 191 BPM 2nd half either through FHS or by cutting your 93 BPM HS in half. Random will make the final fast scale + scratching section more manageable. Be careful not to take the streams faster than necessary. Good 1st 12 NC/HC.
(Speed Changes, Scales, Difficult End)
Random 12.0 12.0 -- 12.0
SPECIAL SUMMER CAMPAIGN [SPA] 12★ The song feels comparable to examination leave [A], except slower and with tightly-spaced chords, so this is a likely first 12 NC/HC. Every option but S-Random produces similar chords, but can make the Denim part in M52 easier.
(Denim, Chords, Difficult End)
Regular, Random, R-Random, Mirror 11.9 11.9 12.7 11.8
Rave Saves You feat. Cardz (Exclusive IIDX Mix) [SPA] 11★ General density plays out like a 9 until the very end, where there's offbeat scratching + notes followed by S17-35 rolls and then S246 jacks with no recovery chance. HC should be easier with a good Random, and you will likely AA the song before passing it.
(Scratching, Jacks, Difficult End)
Regular, Random, R-Random 11.2 11.1 11.5 10.3