Grand Chariot [ESP] 13★ 190 bpm gallops! Other than that, there's a lot of 16th note syncopation.
(Gallops, Difficult Middle)
3.0x 13.5 13.6
宇宙(ソラ)への片道切符 [ESP] 13★ Its got some 16ths in there.
(Crossovers, Turns, Freeze Notes, Drills)
3.5x 13.0 12.7
HEART BEAT FORMULA [ESP] 13★ Easy patterns, but there are very little breaks.
(Gallops, Step-Jumps)
2.5x 13.6 13.5
大見解 [CSP] 13★ Lots of turning.The beginning of the speed up is tricky to time.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Turns, Freeze Notes, Difficult End)
3.5x 13.3 13.5
AA [ESP] 13★ Similar to the Xenon rhythms. Weird, but not hard to learn.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Turns, Difficult End)
4.0x 13.4 13.5
GRADIUSIC CYBER (AMD G5 MIX) [ESP] 13★ Not difficult to step through for a 13 but very annoying to score. Very awkward rhythms and timings.
(Drills, Difficult Middle)
3.5x 13.4 13.9
PARANOiA Rebirth [ESP] 13★ Lots of double stepping and crossing over. The difficulty jumps up near the end.
(Crossovers, Jacks)
3.0x 13.4 13.2
AFRONOVA [ESP] 13★ 12th jumps at the end might trip someone up.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Turns, Difficult Beginning)
3.0x 13.4 13.4
DROP OUT [ESP] 13★ Lots of jumps at the start, lots more 8ths at the end. The timing for this chart is odd, too.
(Jumps, Turns, Drills, Difficult End)
2.5x 13.8 13.7
LEADING CYBER [ESP] 13★ Some weird turning and jacks in this one. Especially that 5 note crossover!
(Crossovers, Gallops, Turns, Jacks, Candles, Difficult Middle)
4.0x 13.4 13.6
[ESP] 13★ Definitely the hardest 13 to score on thanks to the slowdowns. Also one of the harder ones to pass because of the speed. Might be overrating a bit but I think it can pass for a low 14.
(Gallops, Speed Changes, Drills, Jacks, Difficult End)
2.0x 14.0 15.0
INSERTiON [ESP] 13★ Mostly fun! But very annoying to score because of the slowdown and ending. The ending galloping and speed up are harder for passing. The ending speed up is fairly simple so I stick with a higher speed mod.
(Gallops, Speed Changes, Turns, Drills, Difficult End)
4.0x 13.6 14.3
PARANOiA ETERNAL [ESP] 13★ The usual Paranoia jacks, now with a lot more turning.
(Crossovers, Turns, Jacks)
3.0x 13.4 13.4
exotic ethnic [ESP] 13★ Lots and lots of turning. Simple rhythms make it easier to keep up with.
(Crossovers, Turns, Difficult End)
3.0x 13.6 13.3
Healing Vision (Angelic mix) [ESP] 13★ Tons of turns and a long stream at the end.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Turns, Difficult End)
3.0x 13.9 13.7
ORION.78 (civilization mix) [ESP] 13★ Very tricky 13 with a little bit of everything. Annoying timing in the 12ths section.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Turns, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
3.0x 13.8 13.9
Burning Heat! (3 Option Mix) [ESP] 13★ Very fun 13! The timing isn't bad if you know the music.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Turns)
3.5x 13.3 13.6
MAXX UNLIMITED [DSP] 13★ A unique chart. It's tricky to time with all the tempo changes and the stop. Ending is waaaay harder than everything else in this chart.
(Jumps, Speed Changes, Stops, Freeze Notes, Jacks, Difficult End)
1.75x 13.7 14.0
Sweet Sweet♥Magic [ESP] 13★ No big standouts in this. There are some skippy 16ths.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Freeze Notes, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
3.0x 13.3 13.3
Across the nightmare [CSP] 13★ Max 300 jr? Lots of longer drills in this, and the timing gets a bit weird towards the end.
(Jumps, Drills, Difficult End)
2.0x 13.7 13.7
bag [CSP] 13★ I'm so focused on the weird timings in this chart that I can't remember the actual patterns after I play it. But, the patterns in this aren't complicated. It plays like a drunk 12.
8.0x 12.7 14.6
bag [ESP] 13★ The rhythms take some learning. Not too complicated.
8.0x 12.6 13.6
Colors (for EXTREME) [CSP] 13★ The timing is a little tricky to keep track of at parts, but it's mostly straightforward.
(Freeze Notes)
4.0x 13.3 13.4
V (for EXTREME) [CSP] 13★ Plays like an easier Across the Nightmare. Not difficult to time, either. The drills and crossovers are simple.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Freeze Notes, Drills, Difficult End)
3.5x 13.6 13.4
Destiny lovers [ESP] 13★ A speedy 13. Comparable to Sweet Sweet Magic but with trickier rhythms.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Freeze Notes, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
3.5x 13.5 13.6
stoic (EXTREME version) [ESP] 13★ Lots of step jumps. Easy to time aside from the odd stop near the end.
(Crossovers, Freeze Notes, Drills, Jacks, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
4.0x 13.5 13.4
The legend of MAX [DSP] 13★ The end is the only standout because of all the jumps. The speed changes aren't hard to keep up with on this chart.
(Jumps, Speed Changes, Turns, Freeze Notes, Difficult End)
1.75x 13.1 13.2
TRIP MACHINE Survivor [ESP] 13★ Some odd rhythms and a bunch of turning.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Speed Changes, Jacks)
3.5x 13.4 13.6
xenon [ESP] 13★ Lots of odd 16th rhythms, but they follow the music closely, so it's not difficult to learn.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Freeze Notes)
4.0x 13.5 13.6
DoLL [CSP] 13★ Lots of turning and some freeze note silliness. Somewhat stamina draining for a 13?
(Crossovers, Turns, Freeze Notes, Jacks, Difficult Middle)
3.5x 13.5 13.4
Fascination ~eternal love mix~ [DSP] 13★ Quite tricky for a 13. The stops are awkward on this difficulty, as well.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Speed Changes, Stops, Step-Jumps, Candles)
1.5x 13.8 13.8
Fascination MAXX [DSP] 13★ The ending is way way harder compared to the rest of the chart. Crossovers and some 8th notes in the last 400 bpm section. The easier parts can be difficult to time thanks to FAXX's odd bpm changes.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops, Candles, Difficult End)
1.5x 13.8 13.9
Flow (True Style) [CSP] 13★ Plays like a 12 for the most part, but the last speed up makes it a 13. The bass is basically an assist clap there.
(Gallops, Speed Changes, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
2.25x 13.2 13.3
iFUTURELIST(DDR VERSION) [CSP] 13★ Not hard to pass for a 13 but REALLY annoying to time your steps for this.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
3.5x 13.3 14.3
MAX 300(Super-Max-Me Mix) [DSP] 13★ Weird rhythms that don't follow the music at points + speed changes. That last turn is WAY too hard to be in a 13.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Speed Changes, Turns, Freeze Notes, Jacks, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
2.0x 13.9 14.1
Mind Parasite [ESP] 13★ The intro is awkward for timing. The rest is galloping. Not complicated for a 13.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Freeze Notes, Difficult End)
4.0x 13.2 13.4
No.13 [ESP] 13★ Simple rhythms but hard for stamina. The gallops are awkward, too. Footswitch em!
(Crossovers, Gallops, Turns, Freeze Notes, Jacks)
3.0x 13.6 13.5
Xepher [ESP] 13★ Endless 8th notes make it rough for stamina. Plus, some fun drills right at the end!
(Crossovers, Turns, Freeze Notes, Drills, Jacks, Difficult End)
3.5x 13.5 13.5
虹色 [CSP] 13★ Similar difficulty to Colors from Extreme. Lots of gallops.
(Gallops, Turns)
3.5x 13.4 13.3
Arrabbiata [DSP] 13★ Lots of movement required for this one.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Jacks, Step-Jumps, Candles)
2.5x 13.9 13.6
BRILLIANT 2U("STREAM" Special) [CSP] 13★ More like "Gallop" Special! Similar difficulty to Xenon.
(Gallops, Turns)
4.0x 13.5 13.6
CaptivAte~誓い~ [ESP] 13★ Emphasis on gallops.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Turns, Freeze Notes, Difficult End)
3.5x 13.4 13.3
Flow(Jammin' Ragga Mix) [ESP] 13★ Do you like step jumps???? Because this chart has a lot of them! Timing is actually tricky during the slowdowns. Lots of weird things going on, here.
(Speed Changes, Stops, Freeze Notes, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
4.0x 13.5 13.8
Saturn [ESP] 13★ Another SN2 gallop chart? The biggest difficulty spike is the set of triplets towards the beginning. The slowdown also isn't hard to time.
(Gallops, Speed Changes, Turns, Freeze Notes, Difficult Middle)
1.0x 13.3 13.3
SOUL CRASH [ESP] 13★ One of the easiest 13s.
(Gallops, Step-Jumps)
4.0x 13.0 13.3
Uranus [CSP] 13★ There's a few stops in this.
(Gallops, Jumps, Speed Changes, Stops, Turns)
3.5x 13.5 13.6
Venus [CSP] 13★ Not very complicated.
(Crossovers, Turns, Freeze Notes, Jacks, Candles)
3.0x 13.4 13.4
volcano [ESP] 13★ You can play those freezes as drills!
(Gallops, Freeze Notes, Candles)
2.5x 13.5 13.6
MAX 300 [ESP] 15★ Max 300
(Drills, Jacks, Candles, Difficult End)
2.0x 15.5 15.6
Dispersion Star [ESP] 13★ This is only a 13 because of the drills and triplets. The rest of it is very easy.
(Turns, Freeze Notes, Drills)
3.0x 13.2 13.1
Puberty Dysthymia [DSP] 13★ Very tricky 13. Also very hard to time because of the tempo changes. Probably not dense enough to be rated as a 14... probably
(Jumps, Speed Changes, Turns, Freeze Notes)
2.75x 14.0 14.5
Cosy Catastrophe [DSP] 13★ The steps aren't too hard, but timing gets tricky. Especially the slowdown in the middle of the song.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Turns, Freeze Notes)
1.75x 13.4 13.6
乙女繚乱 舞い咲き誇れ [ESP] 13★ Very similar difficulty to Volcano.... but slower.
(Crossovers, Turns, Freeze Notes)
2.75x 13.4 13.4
HAPPY☆LUCKY☆YEAPPY [DSP] 13★ A handful of weird jacks and step-jumps that don't come up in 13s often. The fast ending is easy at least, but this is harder to time than it normally would be since you need a lower speed mod.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops, Freeze Notes, Jacks, Step-Jumps, Difficult Middle)
1.75x 13.7 13.6
天ノ弱 [ESP] 13★ Could almost pass as a hard 12. DDRcommunity has this ranked pretty high though, am I missing something?
(Crossovers, Jumps, Turns)
3.0x 13.1 13.4
闘え!ダダンダーンV [ESP] 13★ Plays like a 12 besides the jacks and triplets.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Freeze Notes, Jacks)
3.5x 13.3 13.3
AFRONOVA (X-Special) [CSP] 13★ Gotta love the jacks that kick off this chart. This chart is also here to remind you why it's called the 'Afronova Walk'
(Jumps, Turns, Freeze Notes, Jacks, Difficult Beginning)
3.0x 13.8 13.8
Dance Celebration (System 7 Remix) [ESP] 13★ Very easy 13.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Turns, Freeze Notes)
4.5x 13.1 13.1
Dance Dance Revolution (X-Special) [CSP] 13★ 13 footer variety pack.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Turns, Freeze Notes, Drills)
4.0x 13.6 13.4
Malacca [CSP] 13★ A lot of 16ths for a 13 though it's only 140 bpm. The patterns aren't too hard either.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Freeze Notes, Candles)
4.0x 13.5 13.4
On The Break [ESP] 13★ There's a variety of stuff in this. The galloping at the end is speedy.
(Gallops, Jumps, Speed Changes, Stops, Turns, Freeze Notes, Step-Jumps)
3.5x 13.5 13.4
PARANOiA MAX~DIRTY MIX~ (X-Special) [CSP] 13★ Nothing surprising here.
(Crossovers, Turns, Jacks)
3.0x 13.5 13.4
PARANOiA(X-Special) [CSP] 13★ Not too hard aside from the ending jacks. Somewhat hard to get high acc because of all the small tempo changes.
(Crossovers, Turns, Jacks, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
3.0x 13.4 13.6
SABER WING [ESP] 13★ Plays a bit like Arrabbiata DIF. Quick crossovers and a lot of them. The slowdown is a little tricky for timing.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops, Freeze Notes)
2.5x 13.8 13.7
S・A・G・A [ESP] 13★ Jump jump jump (and double taps)
(Crossovers, Jumps, Speed Changes, Step-Jumps, Difficult Middle)
2.5x 13.5 13.5
Übertreffen [ESP] 13★ Big on turns and step-jumps.
(Turns, Freeze Notes, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
3.5x 13.5 13.4
LOVE & JOY -Risk Junk MIX- [ESP] 13★ These jacks and gallops at this speed + near 2 min length can make this a stamina drainer.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Turns, Freeze Notes, Jacks)
3.25x 13.8 13.6
Habibe (Antuh muhleke) [ESP] 13★ Very easy 13. Its got gallops, but most of the patterns are easy to play at 144 bpm.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Difficult End)
4.0x 13.0 13.2
esrev:eR [ESP] 13★ Very similar difficulty to Nijiiro CHA. The gallops are the hardest thing in this.
(Gallops, Turns, Freeze Notes)
4.0x 13.3 13.3
M.A.Y.U. [ESP] 13★ Slow bpm, but there's enough going on to make it a reasonable 13.
(Jumps, Turns, Freeze Notes)
4.5x 13.5 13.4
PRANA+REVOLUTIONARY ADDICT (U1 DJ Mix) [DSP] 13★ The usual 13 footer turns with some jacks and a couple stops thrown in.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Stops, Turns, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
3.0x 13.4 13.4
地方創生☆チクワクティクス [ESP] 13★ Mostly simple patterns, but there's that 12th note stream in this and a bunch of jacks.
(Freeze Notes, Jacks, Candles)
3.5x 13.6 13.5
朝色の紙飛行機 [ESP] 13★ A lot of 16ths in this for a 13, including some crossovers. Mostly easy to time.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Freeze Notes, Drills, Difficult Beginning)
4.5x 13.6 13.5
繚乱ヒットチャート [ESP] 13★ So many jacks... plus some crossovers tossed in. It's tiring.
(Crossovers, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
3.0x 13.6 13.4
Electric Dance System Music [ESP] 13★ Retiered to a 14. Constant movement on this one. Endless gallops and some more 16th note fun. (sidenote: more ddr menu music should have full charts!)
(Crossovers, Gallops, Stops, Drills)
4.0x 14.3 14.1
Hillbilly Shoes [ESP] 13★ This is actually kinda tiring for a 13. Then again, maybe I shouldn't have been wearing my cowboy boots.
(Gallops, Jumps, Drills)
5.0x 13.5 13.6
漆黒のスペシャルプリンセスサンデー [ESP] 13★ 2 min length, 200 bpm hmmm... not too bad if you have the stamina for it?
(Crossovers, Jumps, Jacks)
3.0x 13.5 13.6
激アツ☆マジヤバ☆チアガール [ESP] 13★ Pretty sure this is only a 13 because of the 16th triplets at the beginning and end.
(Crossovers, Freeze Notes, Difficult Beginning)
3.5x 13.4 13.4
ホメ猫☆センセーション [ESP] 13★ Some stamina needed for this. A lot of those step-jump jacks. Mostly easy patterns otherwise.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Jacks, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
3.0x 13.5 13.5
ベィスドロップ・フリークス [ESP] 13★ Some turns and 16th triplets. The timing for the 12ths is a bit dumb.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Turns)
3.5x 13.4 13.4
Be a Hero! [DSP] 13★ Rough on stamina for a 13. Lots of crossing over, jacks, and jumps and it's 2 mins long.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Turns, Jacks)
3.0x 13.7 13.6
Far east nightbird kors k Remix -DDR edit ver- [ESP] 13★ A lot of 16th triplets. There's some tricky jump-steps, too.
(Crossovers, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
3.5x 13.6 13.5
Fly far bounce [ESP] 13★ Has a little bit of everything to keep you on your toes. Surprise slowdown at the end, too.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Speed Changes, Turns, Freeze Notes, Drills, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
3.5x 13.7 13.9
クリムゾンゲイト [ESP] 13★ Could be a low 14. Many tricky 12th patterns are thrown in this. Plus a lot of jacks and crossing over.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Drills, Step-Jumps)
3.0x 14.2 14.3
創世ノート [ESP] 13★ Definitely a 14. Way too many jacks and crossing over at this speed for 13. The step-jumps, too, whew!
(Crossovers, Jacks, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
3.0x 14.3 14.3
初音ミクの消失 [ESP] 13★ It's over 2 mins and there's a long drill at the end, but it's still very easy for a 13.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Drills)
2.5x 12.8 12.8
SHION [ESP] 13★ A lot of repetitive easy patterns. It doesn't let up, though.
(Gallops, Candles)
3.0x 12.9 13.2
S!ck [DSP] 13★ Retiered to a 12. The timing is tricky with the tempo changes and different rhythms.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Freeze Notes, Jacks, Difficult End)
3.5x 12.9 13.3
STERLING SILVER [ESP] 13★ Standard 13 stuff. Crossovers, 16th triplets, some gallops.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Turns)
3.5x 13.5 13.5
Star Trail [ESP] 13★ A lot of tricky rhythms and 16ths. The speed changes aren't difficult.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Speed Changes, Drills)
4.0x 13.6 13.6
Rejoin [ESP] 13★ A lot 16ths with some fast movement for a 13.
(Crossovers, Freeze Notes, Drills, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
4.5x 13.6 13.6
プレインエイジア -PHQ remix- [ESP] 13★ A lot of those step-jump jacks and some 16th triplets.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Step-Jumps)
3.25x 13.6 13.4
High School Love [ESP] 13★ It's got about everything you can throw into a 180 bpm 13.
(Crossovers, Drills, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
3.0x 13.6 13.6
Illegal Function Call [DSP] 13★ Really rough on stamina for a 13! Not too bad for scoring, but lots of streamy bits at 260 bpm.
(Speed Changes, Drills)
2.25x 14.0 13.9
爆なな☆てすとロイヤー [ESP] 13★ Easy patterns, but tiring.
(Crossovers, Step-Jumps)
3.0x 13.5 13.5
Elysium [CSP] 13★ Many gallops. The patterns get kinda tricky, too.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Stops, Freeze Notes, Difficult Middle)
4.0x 13.7 13.5
輪廻転生 [ESP] 13★ 2 minutes, 196 bpm, and only a few breaks. No standout hard parts but there's some 16th triplets to watch out for.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Step-Jumps)
3.0x 13.7 13.6
ようこそジャパリパークへ [ESP] 13★ Retiered to a 14, and I'm surprised it was a 13 in the first place with all those 16th triplets!
(Turns, Step-Jumps)
3.5x 14.2 14.2
ENDYMION [BSP] 13★ Have Basic difficulties gone too far??? Yes. Seriously though, this one has some tough patterns in it. The speed changes don't make it any better.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Speed Changes, Drills, Difficult End)
1.5x 13.7 14.0
888 [DSP] 13★ I normally wouldn't recommend 2x on a song that hits 444 bpm but for this one... it's probably worth it. The patterns aren't TOO terrible in this.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Speed Changes, Turns)
2.0x 13.6 13.8
What Will Come of Me [ESP] 13★ The 140 bpm turns aren't hard to bs, but there's some long drills at the end.
(Turns, Freeze Notes, Drills, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
4.0x 13.4 13.5
ΔMAX [DSP] 13★ Worthy of being a 14 if you ask me. It gets really fast with those step jumps and 8ths towards the end.
(Speed Changes, Drills, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
1.25x 14.2 14.6
PARANOiA ETERNAL (X-Special) [CSP] 13★ Nonstop turning + some jacks! Even more tiring than Healing Vision Angelic Mix.
(Crossovers, Turns, Freeze Notes, Jacks)
3.0x 14.1 13.8
osaka EVOLVED -毎度、おおきに!- (TYPE1) [DSP] 13★ Lots of turning. The tempo changes aren't too bad to learn, but the 300 bpm burst of speed at the end means you'll have to read most of this chart slowly.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops, Turns, Freeze Notes, Difficult End)
2.0x 13.5 13.8
osaka EVOLVED -毎度、おおきに!- (TYPE2) [DSP] 13★ The steps are basically the same as Type 1 but the sections are shuffled around. It's harder to remember the bpm changes on this one if you ask me.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Turns, Freeze Notes, Difficult End)
2.0x 13.5 14.0
osaka EVOLVED -毎度、おおきに!- (TYPE3) [DSP] 13★ Just in case type 2 made too much sense. Comes with an extra 300 bpm section at the start!
(Crossovers, Jumps, Speed Changes, Turns, Freeze Notes)
2.0x 13.5 14.1
tokyoEVOLVED (TYPE1) [DSP] 13★ Easy steps mostly, until you hit the ending. Lots of annoying stops. Annoying to time.
(Speed Changes, Stops, Freeze Notes, Jacks, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
2.0x 13.5 14.2
tokyoEVOLVED (TYPE2) [DSP] 13★ Like type 1 but without the hard ending.
(Jumps, Speed Changes, Stops, Freeze Notes, Jacks)
2.0x 13.4 14.0
tokyoEVOLVED (TYPE3) [DSP] 13★ Similar to Type 2 but harder to score on.
(Jumps, Speed Changes, Stops, Freeze Notes, Jacks)
2.0x 13.4 14.1
Monkey Business [ESP] 13★ Plays like your standard 13 even without the bpm changes. Might take a while to remember them!
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops, Freeze Notes, Jacks)
3.5x 13.5 13.6
The Island Song [CSP] 13★ Very interesting 13... The 12ths follow the music very closely, so it's not bad to time. But, the jacks and a couple other odd things make this tricky to score on.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Freeze Notes, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
7.0x 13.6 13.7
ドーパミン [DSP] 13★ The steps aren't complicated but the tempo changes make it harder to read.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops)
3.0x 13.4 13.6
デッドボヲルdeホームラン [ESP] 13★ Those swing notes follow the song closely... the patterns aren't hard but it could be tricky to play accurately.
(Gallops, Freeze Notes, Jacks)
4.0x 13.5 13.7
EGOISM 440 [DSP] 13★ There's a few tricky things thrown in here. It's a 13 for sure.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops, Drills, Step-Jumps)
1.5x 13.4 13.5
HEART BEAT FORMULA (Vinyl Mix) [ESP] 13★ Far lower note count than the original, and the patterns aren't much harder, either.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Step-Jumps)
5.0x 13.2 13.1
MAX. (period) [DSP] 13★ No doubts about this one being a 14.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
1.25x 14.4 14.6
エキサイティング!!も・ちゃ・ちゃ☆ [ESP] 13★ Really tricky timings on this one! But not hard to pass.
(Gallops, Jumps, Jacks)
3.0x 13.2 13.8
Angelic Jelly [ESP] 13★ No challenge chart for this???
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Drills)
3.0x 13.5 13.5
向日葵サンセット [ESP] 13★ Great song! The steps aren't too hard, either.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Turns, Difficult Middle)
4.5x 13.2 13.4
幸せになれる隠しコマンドがあるらしい [ESP] 13★ Gallops n stuff
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Difficult Middle)
4.0x 13.4 13.3
チルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室 [ESP] 13★ If you can handle a few jacks and crossovers at 175 bpm, this one won't be a problem.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Turns, Freeze Notes, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
3.5x 13.2 13.2
チルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室 (EDM REMIX) [ESP] 13★ Some 16ths and some jacks. Not bad for 130 bpm. The timing is a bit weird, though.
(Crossovers, Turns, Drills, Jacks, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
4.5x 13.4 13.5
[CSP] 13★ Surprised it took until Ace for this to get a DDR chart.
(Gallops, Freeze Notes, Drills)
4.0x 13.3 13.2
Tribe [CSP] 13★ Way harder than Deadball with similar swing rhythms.
(Gallops, Turns, Jacks, Step-Jumps, Difficult Middle)
4.0x 14.0 14.0
REVOLUTIONARY ADDICT [ESP] 13★ Has a little bit of everything.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Speed Changes, Turns, Freeze Notes, Drills, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
3.5x 13.7 13.7
WH1TE RO5E [ESP] 13★ A 13 that oddly never plays like a 13.
(Speed Changes, Drills, Jacks, Difficult End)
3.5x 13.5 13.8
siberite [ESP] 13★ The patterns require a lot of movement, but it's not relentless. Not a lot of crossovers, either.
(Gallops, Step-Jumps, Candles, Difficult End)
4.5x 13.6 13.5
この子の七つのお祝いに [ESP] 14★ Wacky rhythms.
(Gallops, Drills, Difficult Middle)
3.5x 14.6 15.0
TRIP MACHINE CLIMAX [ESP] 12★ Tough jumps for a 12
(Crossovers, Jumps, Jacks, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
3.0x 13.2 13.3
SUPER STAR [ESP] 12★ Looong run of 8ths at the end, and some drills. Not difficult.
(Drills, Difficult End)
4.0x 12.1 12.5
TRIP MACHINE (luv mix) [ESP] 12★ Only difficult if you're trying not to double step it.
(Crossovers, Turns, Difficult End)
3.5x 12.0 12.0
ORION.78 (AMeuro-MIX) [ESP] 12★ Fun jumps!
(Gallops, Jumps, Step-Jumps)
5.0x 12.5 12.6
TRIP MACHINE [ESP] 10★ Tricky patterns for a 10 footer.
(Crossovers, Turns)
3.0x 10.6 10.5
CUTIE CHASER [ESP] 10★ Slow gallops
4.0x 10.0 10.2
WILD RUSH [ESP] 10★ Timing is tricky. Steps are really really easy until the end.
(Speed Changes, Jacks, Difficult End)
3.0x 10.0 11.8
SP-TRIP MACHINE (JUNGLE MIX) [ESP] 10★ The patterns are less tricky than the original, but there's more steps!
(Crossovers, Turns, Jacks)
3.0x 10.6 10.5
MAKE IT BETTER (So-REAL Mix) [ESP] 10★ Arguably harder than the original? A lot more jumping around in this.
(Jumps, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
4.0x 10.9 10.8
e-motion [ESP] 8★ One of the shortest DDR charts. There are some step jumps, but you don't need much stamina for it.
(Jumps, Step-Jumps)
3.5x 8.4 8.4
BRILLIANT 2U [CSP] 10★ 10 footer variety pack.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
3.5x 10.7 10.6
PARANOiA EVOLUTION [ESP] 12★ Lots of 8ths and twisting. Nothing too unexpected from a 12, but it's a tiring one.
3.0x 12.7 12.6
PARANOiA KCET (clean mix) [ESP] 11★ Jacks and crossovers
(Crossovers, Jumps, Turns, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
3.0x 11.6 11.5
era (nostalmix) [ESP] 11★ Mostly simple patterns, but some tough jacks at the end.
(Speed Changes, Jacks, Difficult End)
3.0x 12.0 12.2
PARANOIA MAX~DIRTY MIX~ [ESP] 12★ Wacky stream at the end. (it's cuz I'm worse at these patterns, forgive me qoyote...)
(Crossovers, Turns, Jacks, Difficult End)
3.0x 12.8 12.7
DEAD END [ESP] 12★ A lot of simple patterns, but at 190, it's draining for a 12.
(Jumps, Jacks)
3.0x 13.0 13.0
DYNAMITE RAVE [ESP] 12★ Quick jumps, lots of triplets.
(Jumps, Step-Jumps, Difficult Beginning)
3.5x 12.7 13.0
DYNAMITE RAVE [CSP] 12★ Similar difficulty to Expert, but a lot more twisting and turning.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Turns, Step-Jumps)
3.5x 12.8 12.8
MAKE IT BETTER [ESP] 12★ I can see this being a low 11 because of the ending jumps, but not enough going on to be a 12.
(Jumps, Jacks, Difficult End)
4.5x 10.9 11.0
La Senorita Virtual [ESP] 12★ Lots of tricky turning patterns. You don't see these kinda patterns too often at 180 bpm in a 12.
(Crossovers, Turns, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
3.0x 12.9 12.8
BURNIN' THE FLOOR [ESP] 10★ A lot of repetitive easy patterns.
(Jumps, Jacks)
3.0x 10.0 10.2
Holic [ESP] 11★ The patterns are easy and the rhythms aren't hard to keep up with.
(Jumps, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
3.5x 11.6 11.6
Valkyrie dimension [BEG] 9★ 180+bpm crossovers and jacks in a beginner chart? Sure! (plays like an easy 11)
(Crossovers, Jumps, Speed Changes, Stops, Freeze Notes, Jacks, Difficult End)
2.5x 11.0 11.0
Valkyrie dimension [BSP] 13★ Ending stream is worthy of that 13 rating.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops, Turns, Difficult End)
2.5x 13.2 13.4
MY SUMMER LOVE [ESP] 12★ Has a streamy bit towards the end, but mostly very easy.
(Turns, Drills, Difficult Middle)
5.0x 11.7 11.9
PUT YOUR FAITH IN ME [ESP] 9★ Slow tempo, awkward patterns.
(Crossovers, Turns, Jacks)
3.5x 8.8 8.8
Don't Stop! (AMD 2nd MIX) [ESP] 10★ No stamina needed for this. Learn some 16th rhythms without much trouble.
4.0x 9.5 10.3
B4U [ESP] 10★ Easier than B2U challenge for me... hmm 11s and 10s are pretty similar but this seems fair to me.
(Gallops, Drills)
3.25x 10.4 10.5
PUT YOUR FAITH IN ME (Jazzy Groove) [CSP] 11★ Fun chart. The rhythms are a bit complicated by 11 standards.
(Gallops, Drills, Step-Jumps)
4.0x 11.6 11.9
.59 [ESP] 11★ Mostly really easy for an 11 with some trickier parts scattered in it.
(Gallops, Speed Changes, Jacks)
4.0x 11.2 11.8
CAN'T STOP FALLIN'IN LOVE [ESP] 11★ Dipping into 12 territory with some of those gallops. Tiring, too.
(Gallops, Jumps)
3.5x 11.9 12.0
LOVE AGAIN TONIGHT~for Mellisa mix~ [ESP] 11★ Has a bit of everything.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
3.5x 11.7 11.8
SEXY PLANET [ESP] 11★ Lots of jacks and weird crossover patterns at 180 bpm. Pretty tricky for an 11.
(Crossovers, Turns, Jacks)
3.0x 11.8 12.0
BRILLIANT 2U (Orchestra Groove) [CSP] 12★ Constant weird turn patterns and some step jumps thrown in. Not a hard 12 but I'd be willing to call it one.
(Crossovers, Step-Jumps)
3.5x 12.0 12.2
CAN'T STOP FALLIN' IN LOVE (SPEED MIX) [ESP] 12★ Those jacks! Quite a tiring chart for something rated as a 12.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jacks)
3.25x 13.2 13.1
MAX 300 [DSP] 12★ 12??? With those bursts? I don't think so. Not too difficult on average.
(Stops, Jacks)
1.5x 13.4 13.9
BOOM BOOM DOLLAR [CSP] 11★ There's some jumping and turning, but at 130+ bpm, it's no problem.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Turns, Shock Arrows, Step-Jumps)
3.5x 10.4 10.4
DROP THE BOMB [ESP] 10★ Weird turn patterns + 12ths at the end.
(Jumps, Turns, Difficult End)
3.5x 10.5 10.6
MAKE A JAM! [ESP] 9★ Easy 9
(Jumps, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
3.5x 9.0 9.0
DDR MEGAMIX [DSP] 13★ Mostly way easier than a 13 but then Legend of Max ending shows up. Scoring is hard because constant bpm changes and having Bag and Max in the same song = pain.
(Jumps, Speed Changes, Jacks, Difficult End)
2.0x 13.1 14.6
Healing-D-Vision [DSP] 12★ No doubts that this should be a 13, and a tricky one too with those jumps. The gallops and ending stream is not unlike other 13s either.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Speed Changes, Turns)
1.5x 13.7 13.9
NGO [DSP] 12★ The only tough part is the jumps and jacks towards the start. Timing is tough due to usual NGO nonsense.
(Gallops, Jumps, Speed Changes, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
2.0x 12.2 14.0
嘆きの樹 [DSP] 12★ Its difficulty lies at how good you are at jacks. Because there are a lot of jacks.
(Freeze Notes, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
3.5x 12.2 12.3
KEEP ON MOVIN' [ESP] 9★ Tricky patterns for a 9.
(Crossovers, Turns, Jacks)
3.5x 9.6 9.4
HIGHER [ESP] 9★ Easy candle patterns.
(Jumps, Jacks, Candles)
3.0x 9.1 9.2
MAX 360 [BSP] 12★ Lots of jacks, crossovers. 500+ steps, too. It's a tiring 12!
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops, Drills, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
1.5x 12.8 12.9
Prey [BSP] 11★ An 11 with all those streamy bits and those crossovers at 210 bpm? Hmmmm
(Crossovers, Difficult End)
2.0x 12.1 12.0
Fascination MAXX [BSP] 11★ Lots of jumps, a lot of jacks at the beginning. Plus the usual FAXX timing silliness
(Jumps, Speed Changes, Stops, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
1.0x 11.8 12.3
PARANOiA Revolution [BSP] 9★ A 9 with 360 bpm jacks and crossovers.... No
(Crossovers, Gallops, Speed Changes, Stops, Freeze Notes, Jacks)
1.5x 11.0 11.0
Go For The Top [BSP] 8★ Not difficult, but way too speedy to be an 8.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Freeze Notes)
2.5x 10.0 10.0
PARANOiA -Respect- [BSP] 11★ Pushing 12 a bit with those step-jumps.
(Crossovers, Stops, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
1.5x 11.8 12.0
New Century [BSP] 9★ Getting up around 11 territory
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Freeze Notes, Step-Jumps)
2.0x 11.0 11.0
TRIP MACHINE EVOLUTION [BSP] 9★ Way too much going on to be a 9.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Freeze Notes, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
2.0x 11.0 11.0
MAXX UNLIMITED [BSP] 10★ Like the DIF chart, the ending jumps are way harder than the rest of the chart. Enough to make this a low 12, probably.
(Jumps, Speed Changes, Stops, Freeze Notes, Step-Jumps, Difficult End)
1.5x 12.0 12.0
Fascination ~eternal love mix~ [BSP] 11★ Lots and lots of jumps. Difficult enough to make it a 12. The timing during the stop section is awkward.
(Jumps, Speed Changes, Stops, Turns, Freeze Notes, Step-Jumps)
1.0x 12.1 12.3
IX [BSP] 11★ Jacks/crossovers/jumps push this near 12.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Speed Changes, Stops, Freeze Notes, Jacks)
1.0x 11.8 11.9
POSSESSION [BSP] 10★ Could be an 11 if you're bad at jacks.
(Speed Changes, Stops, Freeze Notes, Jacks)
1.25x 10.7 10.8
POSSESSION (20th Anniversary Mix) [BSP] 11★ Similar jacks to the original Possession. A lot more stepping overall.
(Drills, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
1.25x 11.6 11.7
MAX. (period) [BSP] 12★ Lots of twisting and weird turn patterns, though not too fast overall.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Turns, Jacks)
1.0x 12.4 12.6
Over The "Period" [BSP] 12★ Many speed changes and a lot of movement.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Speed Changes, Freeze Notes, Jacks)
1.25x 12.8 13.6
EGOISM 440 [BSP] 10★ The steps aren't too hard but the timing with the stops is really awkward, here.
(Speed Changes, Stops, Jacks)
1.0x 10.7 12.0
Tohoku EVOLVED [BSP] 9★ Not too difficult, but definitely not a 9.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops, Jacks)
1.25x 10.6 11.0
Anti-Matter [BSP] 10★ Mostly simple but those jacks... hmm
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Jacks, Difficult End)
1.0x 11.6 12.0
Elemental Creation [BSP] 11★ No big standouts in this one.
(Speed Changes, Jacks)
1.0x 11.6 11.7
Pluto Relinquish [BSP] 12★ Mostly fits into a hard 12, but good god, that ending.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Speed Changes, Jacks, Difficult End)
1.0x 13.3 13.5
PARANOiA ~HADES~ [BSP] 11★ Whew those jumps.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Speed Changes, Turns, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
1.5x 12.5 12.6
Sweet Sweet♥Magic [DSP] 9★ That's a 10 I think. Not a hard one, but there's enough going on.
(Jumps, Freeze Notes)
2.5x 10.2 10.2
Astrogazer [DSP] 12★ Nothing too hard in this one. The step jumps and 12ths are probably the trickiest things.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Stops, Step-Jumps)
2.5x 12.1 12.3
ORION.78 (civilization mix) [DSP] 12★ That's a speedy one. Not too dense.
(Crossovers, Gallops, Jumps, Drills, Step-Jumps)
2.0x 12.6 12.6
Come to Life [DSP] 12★ Standard 12 stuff. Step jumps and crossovers.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops, Freeze Notes, Step-Jumps)
2.5x 12.6 12.6
Neutrino [DSP] 12★ Not too hard, but the 205 bpm section doesn't mess around.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Jacks)
2.0x 12.7 12.6
Trigger [DSP] 12★ Nothing too unexpected here.
(Crossovers, Jumps, Speed Changes, Stops, Jacks)
1.25x 12.6 12.6
PARANOiA -Respect- [DSP] 12★ Another 12 where a 300 bpm stream shows up. But unlike Max 300 DIF, the rest of this chart is a lot harder...
(Crossovers, Gallops, Stops, Jacks, Step-Jumps)
1.5x 13.4 13.5
Blew My Mind [BSP] 9★ Bit too speedy with too many jacks to be a 9.
(Crossovers, Speed Changes, Stops, Freeze Notes, Jacks)
1.0x 10.3 10.4